So, you’re a skinny guy, not too fat, low body fat, actually, but you have areas of the body that the fat doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon. You have no idea what to do to get it down, do you?

The following article will help you finally understand how to reduce that frustrating body fat.

If there’s one thing that irritates most of the people I’ve worked with is the problem of “skinny-fat” body type.

This is the type of body that is not overweight, body fat percentage is not really high but looks muscleless, soft and shapeless.

Now it’s not that these people look terrible. But they deserve to look better, don’t they?

Most people just make the same mistakes as those people who look skinny fat:

They spend a lot of time in the gym during the week (doing, usually, aerobic exercises)
They eat “clean”
They avoid carbohydrates
They waste extra money on useless supplements
And worst of all … they do not look like they’re actually lifting (do you even lift, bro?).

What can I do about it?

In the following article, you will get all the answers to these questions and how to fix it.

 Why do people look skinny-fat?

The main problem is that people focus too much on weight loss rather than on their body composition.

Body Composition – The ratio of lean body mass (muscle) to body fat is a much more important factor than just weight loss.

You can improve your body composition by adding muscle mass or decreasing body fat (without losing muscle).

When you lose too much muscle mass and you have too much fat you become skinny fat.

15% fat on a guy (women too!) with enough muscle mass will look much better and esthetic than a guy on the same fat percentage with very little muscle mass.

How low-calorie diet contributes to the skinny-fat appearance

The main factor that will cause weight loss or weight gain is your calorie balance. it means:

If you eat less than you need – you’ll LOSE weight
If you eat more than you need -you’ll GAIN weight

Professor Mark Hubb dropped 13 kg on a diet of protein shakes, Doritos, Oreo and a few snacks, and you can lose weight like that also, but it’s not something I’d recommend as healthy.

But the picture here is clear – the amount of food that you eat determine if you lose or gain weight. It has nothing to do with the source of food when it comes to weight gain/loss.

How Too Much Aerobic Will Make You “skinny-fat”

The problem with aerobics begins when you do TOO MUCH of it and you’re on your way to a very negative calorie balance.

There are several reasons for this:

Endurance work can directly affect strength training and muscle building. Therefore aerobics should be done as little as possible as the main goal is building muscle and strength.
The longer you do aerobics the more they will affect your strength and muscles.
That’s why I highly recommend intervals rather than moderate aerobic exercise.

When you cut your caloric intake, the levels of anabolic hormones and the level of protein synthesis in the body are slowed down.
The more calories you cut, the greater your risk of losing muscle mass.

The amount of muscle mass you can maintain when you lose weight is determined by a number of factors such as genetics, hormones level, training program, training experience and more.

You do not want to do what most people do and it’s light weight, lots of reps and mostly isolated exercises.

The main reasons for this are:

Complex exercises work on more muscle groups and thus you are also burning more calories.
Heavy training helps to maintain strength when you are in a negative calorie balance and help maintain muscle mass.
You’ve probably heard that you have to practice moderate, 2-3 times a week when you’re in your cutting phase or you get into “over-training”.

I’ve worked with quite a few people and it’s really not true. From my experience, it takes far more than you think to get into over-training.

Although 2-3 exercises a week are fine to maintain muscle mass, there are also benefits for 4-5 exercises per week.

4-5 exercises a week increase your calorie expenditure, which means you can lose fat faster.

The solution
Learn to eat right
You’ve probably already heard that “abs are not built in the gym, abs are built in the kitchen.”

Well … that’s right.

Poor nutrition will cause even the best training program not to be effective.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind

Focus on strength training with complex and heavy exercises
As you know, the main problem with the structure of “skinny fat” is the lack of muscle mass, so building muscle mass is the main solution to improve this appearance.

Focus on lifting your weights in complex exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, and shoulder presses.
Focus on heavy lifting (4-6 repetitions for men and women in the gym, and 8-10 repetitions for inexperienced women in the gym).

Reduce aerobic exercises
If your main goal is to get shredded and healthy, you will never have to do more than 1-2 hours aerobic per week.
Keep your aerobics training short (30 minutes roof)
Keep these things in mind and I assure you that Aerobics will no longer stand your way to achieving your goals.

so in conclusion:

The less muscle mass you have, the more skinny-fat you are.

If you follow what you have read in this article, I have no doubt that you will solve this problem.

It begins by adding more muscle mass to the body and then lowering the percentage of fat. Do not expect it to happen overnight, of course, keep your consistency and patience and the rest will do its part.

Remember to focus always on where you want to go. It is better for you to work hard now so that you can reap the rewards later on.

What do you think of the article “THE SKINNY FAT SOLUTION”?

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to know in the comments section below.

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