supplements that actually work

Supplements that actually work
Our world today is flooded with supplements, from protein powders to “magic pills” that if you use them your belly will disappear… that’s far from the truth
The fact that so many people are desperate for shortcuts and something that will give them the results they want in a minimum time, most companies exploit this fact to sell as much as possible products and make us believe that if we take X Y Z then we will get the results we want in a minimum time.
99% of all ads or products you see are commercial and the only weight you will lose will be from the money in your wallet.
Although there are several supplements that can help, again they are not mandatory but if you want to get a little better they can help (of course before taking any supplement always consult a qualified doctor!)

1. Fish oil – helps decrease fat and helps maintain joints. It is recommended to take 3 capsules a day in the morning, lunch and dinner.
2. Protein powder – Again, this is not a mandatory supplement unless you see that you are unable to reach your daily protein intake. Many people think that if they use protein powder, they will ” get swoll”. Protein powder is convenient for some people during the day who can not eat a solid meal so they prefer to use protein powder and not wait until the evening to come home and eat a big meal again. Always check that the quality of the protein is high and over 80% of it is protein. This means that it contains at least 20 grams of protein per serving.
3. Multivitamin – For those of us who do not manage to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day and we miss a lot of vitamins and minerals from our bodies, a multivitamin helps.
4. Creatine – the most scientifically proven dietary supplement, helps improve your strength and performance. Creatine mono, 5 grams per day is definitely enough every day.

So these are the basics, of course before you take any supplement always consult with a doctor and do not take on yourself additives just because you saw someone on TV with abs told you that if you take it you will look like him. Keep training hard and you’ll see the results you want.
Because there is nothing in the world that will replace hard work!

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