Interview with Todd Valentine on how to become an alpha male with women

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In this Episode I had the honor to talk to one of the most respected guy out there when it comes to success with women and how to become a master with interacting with others.

He is Todd Valentine!

Todd has fifteen years in game and twelve years of teaching thousands of men how be successful with women everywhere from Toronto to Tokyo.

We covered some great topic for you and I’m sure that it will be really valuables to you so please take some notes!

Highlights from the Interview: 

  1. The beginning (1:25-3:50)
  2. How to overcome the fear of the first interaction with women (3:50-5:50)
  3. Change the way you think about rejection (5:50-7:30)
  4. Use leverage to get yourself follow through (7:30-11:40)
  5. How to get relationship last (11:40-14:00)
  6. Do you need to be more muscular or feminine man? (14:00-18:00)
  7. How to adjust and know what type of woman you are talking to (18:00-23:47)
  8. Is it natural to think about sexual stuff when you approach to women? (23:47-26:00)
  9. How to get out of the “friend zone” (26:00-29:00)
  10. Every master was once a disaster- todd’s beginning with women (29:00-34:58)
  11. When do you know you need to let go or try harder until she says yes? (34:58-37:08)
  12. What can you do the next time you interact with a woman? (37:08-40:16)
  13. What is LOVE for todd (40:16-48:03)
  14. Todd’s Legacy (48:03)

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