Interview with the BUFF DUDES on how to stand out from the crowd

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In this episode of THE MIND BODY PODCAST I interviewed not just one person but 2! 

You might know them as buff dudes on their famous YouTube channel but in this interview I really wanted

to give you a closer look about this two hard workers brothers.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

  1. How did it all began (1:30-2:10)
  2. Where did the “buff dudes” name came from? (3:52-4:56)
  3. The primary reason that made them stand out in a world of competition. (5:06-6:10)
  4. How to build a great team beside you.(6:10-7:33)
  5. How to manage your emotions when things does not go like you planned. (8:35-9:36)
  6. How to manage your business when you get millions of followers (9:36-10:50)
  7. Tips for beginners on how to grow and brand themselves on social media.(10:50-14:12) 
  8. Can you actually live a life outside of social media today? (16:30-18:05)
  9. Daily rituals and finding balance between business and life (18:05-19:55)
  10. Where does Buff Dudes going to be in 5 years? (19:55-20:43)
  11. What is the legacy buff dudes brothers would like to leave? (21:20-24:00)  

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