Interview with the 50 billion dollar man DAN PENA on how to grow your balls and live your dreams

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In this episode of THE MIND BODY PODCAST I had a chance to talk with the 50 billion dollar man Dan Pena. Dan Pena, is an American philanthropist, businessman and high-performance business coachPeña is prominent for his eight-day Castle Seminar on his “Quantum Leap Advantage” (QLA) methodology, and claims to have produced $50 billion in equity and value.[3] He is the author of several books, including Your First Hundred Million.
Dan and I talked about few topics such as what it really takes to succeed in life, the power of your invoirment and how to become a no matter what person.


1. Dan’s bio (1:33-3:13)
2. The psychology of an high performance person (3:13-3:44)
3. Why most people are broke (3:44-5:10)
4. “You can’t do anything if you were born poor, but if you die poor- it’s your fault!” (Bill Gates) (5:10-5:33)
5. Personal development is BULLSHIT! (5:33-6:27)
6. You are the 5 people you surround yourself with (6:27-7:52)
7. How to condition yourself to wealth (7:52-10:00)
8. MASSIVE ACTION is the cure (10:00-14:00)
9. Face your face every motherfu@#ing day! (14:00-16:55)
10. Dan’s biggest fear (?) (16:55-17:50)
11. Dan’s weekly workout+ nutrition (17:50-21:34)
12. Where should you invest your money first? (21:34)

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