Interview with Scott Herman On YouTube Success Secrets & Why You’re Faiiling

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In today’s Podcast I Interviewed one of the top ICONS in YOUTUBE! You know him as Scott Herman!

Exercise and fitness became a part of his life at a very young age.

Once he graduated from Merrimack College in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management he realized that it was time to make his dream of revolutionizing the fitness industry a reality and launched

With the rapid rise in popularity of various social media platforms all over the world he was able to utilize Facebook and YouTube as the ultimate vehicles for bringing his teachings to the world. Now,  with a community of over 670,000 Hermanites worldwide! he plan to continue to produce quality content and help make the world a healthier place no matter your goal or fitness level.


תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪scott herman‬‏

Key points from the Interview:

1. How did it all began (1:24-2:43)
2. How to maintain massive online success ( 2:43-4:50)
3. Morning Rituals ( 4:50-6:33)
4. How to keep on working without getting fraustrated (6:33-10:00)
5. How to build a GREAT team (10:00-15:08)
6. The Importance of having a Vision (15:08-22:08)
7. Focusing on few than focusing on many (22:08-24:25)
8. How to balance your life while running a sucessful bussiness (24:25-33:14)
9. Leaving a Legacy (33:14)


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