Interview With Sarah Centrella On Overcoming Broken Heart & Making Radical Change In Your Life!

In this episode of the mind body podcast I talked with miss Sarah Centrella.
Sarah started with nothing in 2009 as a newly single mom after her husband had an affair and left her family. she was broke, living on welfare when she realized that if she had to recreate her life, she wanted the new one to be FABULOUS! Within 18 months she had manifested her first vision board and created a whole new life for her family.
Sarah is also known as:
– Master Life Coach & Manifesting Expert
– Best-Selling Author
– Motivational Empowerment Speaker

Sarah appeared on ABC News, Steve Harvey Show, CBS, the New York Times, OK! Magazine and many others. She is also a contributor for Elite Daily, MindValley and Lifehack.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (4:05-4:55)
2. Overcoming cheating after 16 years of relationship (4:55-9:30)
3. Switching your negative voices into positive voices to drive you to become better in life (9:30-11:45)
4. Use every opportunity that you can and put your ego at the door (11:45-15:00)
5. Use incremental steps which will lead to big results over time (15:00-16:30)
6. The process of publishing a book (16:30-19:20)
7. Use the power of your dreams to really be clear and see what you want for your life (19:20-23:48)
8. How to change your thoughts (23:48-28:28)
9. Stop bitching and start to act now (28:28-33:00)
10. Do you really need to become a millionaire in order to live the life of your dreams? (33:00-40:07)
11. Do the stuff you need to do whether you feel like it or not (40:07-43:00)
12. Overcoming the fear of public speaking (43:00-47:47)
13. Sarah Centrella Legacy (47:47)

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