Interview With Sam Bakhtiar On How To Develop Your Self Esteem & Earn Your Dream Life

Enjoy this amazing interview with Dr. Sam Bakhtiar! He is the CEO of both “The Camp Transformation Center” (a fitness bootcamp franchise with over 100 locations helping people get in the best shape of their life) & “1% Nutrition” (one of the fastest growing nutrition supplement companies in the US!)

In this interview, Sam shares how he was able to shift his mindset and build up his self esteem and confidence within himself. from Being an immigrant without speaking the language, being bullied as a kid, to ultimately finding his passion for fitness & turning it into a multi-Million dollar empire is truly inspiring!

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Here are some key points from the interview:

1. Don’t be afraid of hard work. You will have to work hard and be able to sacrifice and willing to do what most people are not willing to do, so you can create the life that you want.
2. Success only happens when you compound things done right, over time. If you want a better body, you have to commit to work out and eat better every day.
Once you do that, you will have to create systems into place so it will happen no matter what. Example: put it in your calendar, have an accountability partner.
3. Get the most out of your time by becoming a master of productivity. You have to stay laser focused on your daily goals and stick to your routine. When you do that, you don’t give your mind time to overthink stuff and you just DO IT.
4. You must stay consistent and get into it for the long term. If all you do is seeking for short term results, you putting yourself out to failure.
5. Ask yourself who do you want to be like and immolate that person. The more you do and commit to immolate that person that inspires you, eventually you will start to produce the same results that he/she did.
6. You can’t go through life just like that! You must improve yourself and get better every single day or else you won’t feel good about yourself, you will not be happy and you will get depressed. You must progress as a human being in all areas that matters most in life:
– Health
– Wealth
– Spiritual
– Family & Relationship
– Personal Growth
7. Set a plan, break it into a daily routine and stick to the fucking routine! It doesn’t matter how you feel or what happened, you have to commit to this no matter what.
8. The only person that will beat you is you. If you say you are going to do something, you must follow through because when you do, it will increase your self-esteem, self worth and confidence. When you don’t, it decreases it all!
9. Training is movement. You must move yourself daily no matter what. Movement can even be a walk outside for 10-15 minutes. Just make sure you move yourself daily.
10. Most people can transform physically very fast but not mentally. You must work on changing your mental attitude much more than changing your physical look.
11. Sam’s Legacy: “ I want to be able to transform people’s life and help them live the American dream “

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