Interview with Radu Antoniu on Knowing when you are ready to the next level

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In today’s episode I had a very special guest ( like I always have).

He is a Romanian entrepreneur and has one of the best and funniest fitness educational youtube channel with over 120,000 subscribers.
He is!… Radu Antoniu!

1. How did it all began ( 1:42-6:39)
2. Switching to English contact in youtube (6:39- 10:18)
3. How to reach<iframe width=”100%” height=”166″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”;color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false”></iframe> influencers and connect with other in your industry (10:18-15:55)
4. Hard times, are they actually exist? (15:55-19:45)
5. Are you really ready to play big? (19:45-20:34)
6. Reaching the next level ( 20:34-23:40)
7. THINKEATLIFT APP (23:40-26:00)
8. The legacy of Radu Antoniu ( 26:18)

I wrote down some of the main key subjects Radu and I discussed, enjoy!

Lidor: How did you start your fitness journey?
Radu: Basically I started going to the gym to attract more women (the classic reason) and after about a year I stopped going because I lost my motivation. At that time I joined to a marketing company and in that I started to really get interested in personal development. So a mentor came into my life and told me that I should plan big goals and dreams in my life and that gave me a very god mentality. So I felt that I want to achieve more in life but in that company I failed because I didn’t feel it was the right thing for me. So I started to focus on fitness, not because I was super passionate about it, it is because I wanted to have big goals in life, I needed something to get me going and that im growing. So I started using programs and I had a good results but after a while I heard how greg built kinobody and he said he is making 10,000$ a month, so I said “WOW!” really?!
So I thought to myself, if he can do it I can also do it in Romania. I knew I’m very good at taking information and make it really east to understand.


Lidor: How people started reacting you when you start posting in English?
Radu: by the time I started to post in English my English was really good because all of my research in English, the seminars, the books, the youtube videos. Even while I was in university I was in English classes.
At the beginning my videos was horrible! So what I did was I started using a script and write my videos line by line, I wrote everything!
So I memorized it and looked in the camera and said it.
This was I expressed myself more clearly and it seems like I can talk better. Also greg sent me some traffic at the beginning. From then I started to become better at writing, editing and talking to the cam and eventually here I’m now.


Lidor: How can you reach influencers and connect with others in the fitness industry if you are a beginner who is trying to market and brand yourself more.
Radu: The first step would be studying their work a lot! This way you prove them that you are interested about learning from them.
One of the things I hate the most is when someone asking me casual questions. That shows me that they didn’t bother to look at my site or my youtube videos. So you got to be up to date with their stuff, know what they are doing, what industry are they in.
You should always connect with people with the mentality of giving something to them instead of of asking something from them.
You also want to share your own successful story and that you use their stuff/ information, and you want to help them as well.


Lidor: How did you handle with hard times? When there was no traffic or people who respond to you.
Radu: I don’t really think about hard times because I don’t think hard times exists. They do exists only if you or your family member has something in his/her life. When it’s a fundamental skill, it’s not a hard time. For example, my first two years I’ve made ok videos and content but I did not expect to see success from it because I knew im not deserving it yet.
If you’re not getting views, attention or traffic that means your content is not good enough yet.
It’s very important to except because the only problem is in your skills. You need to take the time to become better.
Another thing you should ask your self would be: ” am I really ready for big audience?”
A lot of people want more counts, views, followers, but are they really ready for that? Are they at that level that they can honestly say that they can stand in front of thousands or even millions people? Can they really create good enough value and information for a big number of people?
In most cases, the answer is still no.


Lidor: when was your moment you decided, ok im ready to the next level, I want to start posting more in English and less in Romanian.
Radu: when I knew nutrition well. When I knew how to get anybody lean and building more muscle I knew that I was ready to share this ideas.
At the beginning I was not that educated about training. So when I got confident enough about my skills and that I can answer any question then I started doing it so I feel I can go to the next level when m skills match the level I’m shooting for.


Lidor: what legacy would you like to leave after you will no longer be here?
Radu: I would say that I want to make people understand that they should stretch as much as possible. They should grow as much as possible. See as much as they can. Drive to their true potential in their life time.
We are all selfish and drive by what we can get. We want to be more famous, but after you get it you realize that if you keep developing yourself you will see it as a responsibility that you can build something that serves humanity.
I would like people to pursue their goals but at the end they get to a point when they look at the world and wonder what can I do to improve it?
How can I solve more problems?


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