Interview with Philip Graham on how to live a healthy and fit life with Diabetes

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Lately, I had lots of people in my podcast through lots of industries from fitness to spiritual to wealth and much more.
In today’s episode, my guest and I discuss on one of the major topics in the fitness field that a big portion of people around the world deals with, which is diabetes.
My guest today is Philip Graham.
Phil suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and spends a considerable amount of time helping other people living with diabetes overcome obstacles and get the most out of life, especially when it comes to fitness, muscle building, and fat loss.


Philip is one of UK’s leading fitness educators and coaches. He has helped coach and inspires a diverse range of clientele ranging from personal trainers, everyday members of the public right through to professional athletes across a wide variety of sports.

Phil educates 1000’s of personal trainers each year through his seminars, workshops, and attendance at some of the world’s largest health and fitness exhibitions.

He has recently published a muscle building and fat loss fitness book for people living with diabetes (The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide).
Which you can purchase here:

So if you have diabetes or you have someone close to you that has, this interview is a must for them.

Some of the topics Phil and I discussed were:
1. Personal history (2:10-5:55)
2. Taking personal responsibility for your health and life (7:10-8:27)
3. What every diabetes person have to make sure when they try to build more muscle. (7:10-13:15)
4. Nobody will take care of your health and body better than you (13:15-14:45)
5. How to balance your insulin levels, manage your stress and balance your life with diabetes. (15:05-16:42)
6. How lean can you get while having diabetes and what are the circumstances? (16:50-18:15)
7. How to manage your workouts with your diabetes (18:15-19:08)
8. Intermittent fasting and diabetes? (19:08-20:28)
9. What kind of supplements do diabetes and people, in general, can use for better performance and health? (20:28-23:30)
10. How to increase your energy for life (23:30-24:28)
11. How can you chunk your “to do” list of the day so you won’t get too much overwhelmed? (24:28-26:20).
12. Overcoming your procrastinations (26:20-28:12)
13. Philip legacy (28:12)

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