Interview with patrick bet-david on the american dream

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In today’s episode I have a very interesting man.

He is an American entrepreneur and financial advisor.

He has published 2 books:

  1. The 25 laws of doing the impossible
  2. The next perfect storm



  1. From living in Iran to becoming a successful entrepreneur (1:27-5:58)
  2. The mindset of high achievers ( 5:58-9:20)
  3. Overcoming hard times ( 9:20-11:29)
  4. Getting beyond scarcity (11:29-21:45)
  5. Handling your daily activities (21:45-24:33)
  6. Procrastination and finishing stuff (24:33-31:59)
  7. Leaving a legacy (31:59)


So I wrote down some of the main topics Patrick and I discussed:

Lidor: please tell us a lil bit about your background and how your journey began.

Patrick: I was born and raised in iran for 10 years, 6 weeks after humeni died my family and I escaped to America. When I graduated high school I got into the army where I wanted to be middle east arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilder Hollywood star but at that time I didn’t have much money and I met a girl who was working at a financial services and she was always driving different cars so I asked her how can I also work there, and she said I need 4 years degree from university.

So I said im not gonna go to school so what I did was sending a resume to 100 places and at the end of my resume I put the best joke I had and under it was ” if you are laughing now this is exactly how my clients are going to feel when they do business with me.

So if you want somebody like that in your team, give me a shot. I got 30 calls, 15 of them just because they loved the joke, 15 of them game me an interview.

I got 4 job offers and I picked up one and from there my career got started. From October 09, I started with 66 life insurance agents to today, 7 years later, 3200 agents in 49 states.


Lidor: what is going through the mind of high achievers? The beliefs, the questions they ask themselves and how they see the world.

Patrick: Some people are very content with having a girlfriend, regular job and just being a regular person. Some people think they are happy but they are just content and some people are not happy and not content.

High achievers never content, every time they achieve something it’s not enough and they always find a way to do more and get better. They just have that attitude that im not going to stop until I figure this thing out and once I do im not gonna stop until I constantly keep my prior best!

It also a matter of perception, a person who is making 100,000$ looks very high achiever for one who is making 10,000$ a year and so on. So where this is ever stop?!

It only stop when you stop. So it all comes down to how big you think, how big your vision is and how long is it going to last to make that vision become a reality.


Lidor: what kept you going when everything went wrong ‘when you started to have doubts, what was your primary question you asked yourself?

Patrick: what kept me going was my vision and my dream. My dad had a major heart attack and I was not going to let my dad die because of finances. When I was 6 years old in Iran my teacher asked me what do I wanna be when I grow up? And I told her I want to be a father.

And that’s because I had a very good dad and I wanted my dad to meet my kids so I wanted to make sure my kids will say they had a relationship with their grandpa.  

If you don’t have a goal that drives you on a daily basis to get to work and fight through the difficulties you are simply not gonna do it because eventually you are gonna say- this sucks! why am I doing this for so long and work my ass off when everybody says no to me. So you have to have a clear dream, a vision, a goal, something that so important to you to become reality because if not you will give up.


Lidor: How can ou get beyond scarcity and not being a servant to your own mind? How can you shift your mind and take yourself to the next level?

Patrick: It’s about constantly finding something new to replace it with.

Let’s take working out for example, when I just started lifting I would bench press a 45 pound bar! I was so skinny, 6’3, 125 pound and im not a girl! And from there my weights started to go up more and more. The thing about scarcity is that people don’t know what they are made up up.

Nobody knows the fire in your belly, the fire in your heart, no one know how little sleep you get! No one knows you don’t watch tv or obsessed, even your parents, your friends. The only person that truly knows that im going to put myself through this flip and pain and go out and win- IS YOU!

Life is about a try out, we don’t know if you are going to make it on the team. There is a reason why people comes to America lidor because you and me, have fire in our belly because we wanna make something out of our life, we have no clue what’s going to happen but here is the thing in America: ANYBODY CAN DO IT!

Because rules, regulations and all of that can’t stop you. The only thing that worked for me over the years is my intuition got better and better so if you know you are gonna win in life and you are not afraid of work, and deep inside you are so uncomfortable, you eventually going to win in life and nobody is going to stop you, specially in America.

America is an open game, you wanna play big?! Go play big!


Lidor: In a world that always changing, you got so many stuff to do, how can you still stay focused and have time to do your youtube channel, reading books and all the other stuff?

Patrick: You know, we like to think that we don’t have as much time as we do.

We got 168 hours in a week, write down how many hours in a night you sleep, how many hours do you workout, how many hours do you watch tv, literally write down to the minute.

Then you will see how much wasted time you have.


Lidor: How people can handle better with procrastination? How can you still be focused and finish the task?

Patrick: For me im more about the numbers of activities I want to do in a week than a schedule. For example, when I was a financial advisor I had a goal of making a minimum of 250 calls every week and run 20 appointments every single week.

Sometimes I would increase it to 30 or 40 so if im doing my 20 appointments in a week then I reward myself. So there got to be a carrot and sometimes people stop or forget to give themselves a carrot.

Procrastination equals to the excitement that the carrot brings you.

If your carrot excite you enough you are not going to procrastinate.

Let’s take a gut for example who is at a night club at 1:30 am, he is very tired, he only slept 3 hours, his friends say stick around but he want to procrastinate and go home.

Then the moment he puts his glass down and he is about to say bye to his guys a girl comes next to him and tell him she want to buy him a drink. All of a sudden he is not tired anymore, she tells him that he looks tired but if he want he can come to her place.

Is he going to procrastinate now??  

Of course not!

The point is a carrot! A carrot will give somebody a bunch of energy to keep working, developing, so you got to start building your carrots each time and get a bigger ones over time.

In business and anything in life is about being aggressively patience. So the bigger you think the more aggressively patience you need to think. Do your part but please, stay patient.


Lidor: What would be the legacy you would like to leave long after you will no longer be among us?

Patrick: I heard a good story from a friend and it goes like this:

There is a kid one day that he and his friend every day would go to a lake and the friend would always caught a fish but his friend never got one, and for years it was like that!

One day the kid with the fish started to pray and asked for god : ” how come I always caught a fish but my friend never caught any?!”

so god says: ” that’s because he is not destined to caught fishes, he is not destined to be successful in his life, his destiny is to be somebody who does not caught any fish”.

So the guy go back and tell his friend what god told him. The friend get really pissed off and leave.

After 10 years that both friends don’t see each other the friend who never caught any fish is now massively successful and he wanted to go back to his old friend city to meet him.

So he land with his ellicopter and his friend come and ask him:

” who are you?!”

So the friend says: ” im your old friend, we went fishing together you don’t remember?

So the old friend says: ” is that your ellicopter?!

So the guy says: ” yes, im very successful now. I just wanted to say hi to you and go.

So the old friend says: ” how is it possible?!  

Then the old friend goes and talk to god and said:

” you told me that I was destined to caught fish and this guy is not! Why he is so successful now?! And have so much money!

God says: ” that’s not his money, I gave him that money because his son is going to be the president of united states that’s why.


My legacy is not about me, it’s about my kids and others. And goes uses me as a tool and I think there is something that has to be with the legacy that connects to my family and the people around me that I wanna find out years after I die so I have no idea what’s going to happen.


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