Interview With Nick Santonastasso On Living Life Without Limits

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Episode 36: with nick santonastasso on living life without limitations
In today’s episode of the mind body podcast I had the honor to host Nick Santonastasso.
The fact that Nick Santonastasso statistically shouldn’t even be alive is unbelievable. But then you see what he does in the gym, and “unbelievable” takes on a whole new meaning. The 21-year-old from New Jersey was born missing both of his legs, his right arm and all but one finger on his left hand. He’s one of the most inspiring people you’ll see in the gym because he has never let that get in his way.
Nick was born with Hanhart syndrome, an extremely rare condition that left him legless and missing an arm. Nick is one of only 12 people that have ever been born with this condition. “Of those 12, 8 of them are not alive. What a miracle is that huh?

His Instagram is full of videos and pictures of him in the gym, coming up with creative and inspiring ways to work the muscles he does have. He even had the change to meet THE ROCK in person and said that he text me “ thank you, because of you I got a lil bit better perspective”
Santonastasso gained fame as a teenager with his prank videos- which is hilarious! You should watch them all!
Today, he spends most of his time in the gym and doing motivational speaking to inspire and become a human example of what we are all capable of once we change the MEANING of the things in our life.

There is no question that whatever nick put’s his mind and focus on- HE GETS IT DONE!
This young ambitious man has a true spirit of a leader and someone we can all see as an example that our capacity as humans are so strong and when we truly want something, no challenge, no limitations, no fears, no doubts, no lack of self-confidence, no money, nothing! Will stop us from getting it.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (5:10-7:25)
2. Growing up “different” (7:25-8:20)
3. Confidence is a skill is not something that is inborn (8:20-10:45)
4. The only limitation is those you install in your mind (10:45-12:15)
5. The moment nick changed THE MEANING of the way he was born (12:15-16:55)
6. Once you change your “story”, you can change your life (16:55-17:50)
7. Competing in a bodybuilding show (17:50-21:00)
8. Meeting with “THE ROCK” ( 21:00-23:45)
9. Always say “why not?” (23:45-25:30)
10. There is no such thing as “overnight success”, always see the JOURNEY (25:30-26:15)
11. You must believe in your vision more than anybody else (26:15-27:18)
12. Nick’s “fuck it” moment (27:18-29:00)
13. Relationship with women (29:00-32:40)
14. Build your confidence just like building your muscle (32:40-34:15)
15. Future goals (34:15-37:00)
16. Always take care of yourself first so you can give more to others (37:00-37:40)
17. Always remember to be grateful (37:40-40:10)
18. Nick’s legacy (40:10)

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