Interview With Mike Arce On How To Start Paying Attention To The Opportunities Around you

In this episode I had the honor to speak with mike arce.
Mike Arce is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and advertising professional who owns Loud Rumor, a 7-figure advertising agency for fitness studios and independent gyms. Mike is also the host of a video podcast, The G.O.A.T. Show, where he interviews people who are arguably the greatest of all time at what they do.

Table of content:
1. Personal Bio (4:45-7:00)
2. Fear is when you give yourself a choice (7:00-11:18)
3. The g.o.a.t show and the power of relationship (11:18-14:10)
4. You either love it or you don’t (14:10-17:35)
5. Don’t try to just build a “brand”, build relationships and build yourself as a better person (17:35-23:30)
6. Learn to be yourself and be real, without trying to look “perfect” (23:30-27:20)
7. Always prepare yourself to the best of your abilities (27:20-33:00)
8. Mike legacy (33:00)

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