Interview with JP Sears on the power of CONNECTION

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In this episode of THE MIND BODY PODCAST I had the honor to speak with JP sears.
When I first saw JP viral video on how to get offended and I laughed histarically and at the same time I said to myself mmm that really make sense! Haha
So I said to myself that I must contect with JP and interview him, so after a few times I finally got him to the podcast and im very excited to share with you all the stuff jp and I talked about.
Jp is a life coach and internet comedian. He is known for his satirical parodying of veganism, gluten-free fads, new age beliefs, and other “modern hippy” topics with his video series Ultra Spiritual.
He is also the author of the book “ how to become ultra spiritual “

Some of the topics JP and I discussed about were:
1. JP background (2:30-5:38)
2. How can you get out of anger and frustration (5:38-11:20)
3. How different words and metaphors can change the level of intensity of our emotions. (11:20-15:05)
4. JP biggest pain in life and how did he overcame it (15:05-20:00)
5. How to find your true fulfillment (20:00-24:46)
6. How to enjoy the process while working on your dreams without feeling lonely/ sad and overwhelmed? (24:46-28:00)
7. The power of our rules and how they can makes us HAPPY/ UNHAPPY (28:00-29:30)
8. Become comfortable being uncomfortable (29:30-32:42)
9. Can we get to a point we feel free from our disempowering emotions? (32:42-35:00)
10. The formula for happiness and pain (35:00-40:30)
11. How can we balance our blueprint so we can still get motivated to achieve it and on the same time not lowering our standards. (40:30-43:10)
12. JP legacy (43:10)

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