Interview with Joel Brown On The Power Of Your Vision

In today’s episode of the mind body podcast I had the chance to speak with Joel Brown .
Joel is the founder of, which he built from scratch to be the #1 motivation site in the world. With over 100 million views and over 50 Million Unique website views from his world wide audience, Joel has become one of the biggest influencers in the world.

What I really love about Joel is that camera doesn’t change him. He is the way he is whether the camera recording or not. His authenticity and love to others is something that we rarely see this days and I see that he truly cares and not just saying words so people can love him.
What you will learn in this interview is the power of a vision and how you can as well build your own vision for your life and making sure to stick to it in a world full of distractions.

Table of content:

1. Personal Bio (2:22-4:05)

2. Find that pain point in your life and use it as a source to discover what’s your true desire and passion are. (4:05-7:06)

3. Don’t focus on just high levels of content, instead you want to focus on becoming a better leader and embody within yourself the character of a TRUE leader.
In order to do so, you must ask yourself:
– Who Am I when I’m in a room with someone?
– How do I show up?
– What kind of feelings do I leave people with after they have spoken with me?

4. You have to define your own success. Know what is your top values in life and create a vision around that. (9:40-10:36)

5. 90-95% of our thoughts are the same as the day before and our attention space is 8 seconds! ( a gold fish is s7 seconds). So how do you stay focus? You must have a clear vision for yourself and for any area of your life so you won’t fall into distractions easily.

6. Bad habits can always show up, but when you are align with your vision, you won’t fall into procrastination that easily. Another good way joel uses to cut social media distraction is to put them back in the last page of his smart phone so he will have to swipe 4-5 times till he get to that Instagram/facebook icon(12:06-15:45)

7. In order to know your vision, you want to ask yourself “The 4 Powerful Questions”:
– What Am I good at? (you can also ask a family member or a close friend for their opinion).
– What do I love to do? (what do I have passion for? What do I love to look at the internet? Where do I spend most of my time at?)
– What solution can I bring to the world? In order for you to have meaning and purpose, you need to solve some sort of problem that can help other people.
– How can I make money from this?
In order to build a business you must fund it by making more money at it.

8. You must have Focus, Clarity & Accountability in order to achieve any goal. (19:55-23:20)

9. “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve” BUT the only way to get the feedback from reality is by taking MASSIVE ACTION. (23:20-25:40)

10. We all have values and stuff we learn over the years that we can share with others. Once you take off the pressure of being like somebody else, you will be more free to be YOU. (25:40-27:47)

11. Joel last 30 seconds speech to the world:
” You playing small does not serves the world. You, standing in your excuses helps no one and helps no thing because when you try to be as what you perceive to be “perfect”, you always end up falling short. The key here is to be human. What is human?
Human is being real, authentic, is not afraid to take risks, it’s standing in your gifts and not trying to be like anybody else to seek approval from any other person except the person that you used to be knowing that what you have achieved in the past is nowhere near as great as what you can achieve in the future. ” (27:47-28:49)

12. Joel legacy:

” When I meet god, I want him to say ‘Joel, I gave you this much potential and you did the best that you could with it’. ” (28:49)

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