Interview With Jerry Wardii On How To Overcome Drug Addiction By Using BodyBuilding

Jerry Ward is a fitness guru, competitive bodybuilder, and former wrestler.
what you will learn from jerry is how he applied all the habits and tools from building his body to hislife challenges. dealing with the loss of his father and overcoming his drug addiction to heroin.
jerry is a great example for all of us that no matter what condition we are in, we have the ability to choose a different direction and stick to it until we condition it within us.

Table Of Content:
1. Personal Bio (1:47-7:00)

2. The difference between “bro” and “science” person (7:00-11:10)

3. There is no one specific way that works more than the other (11:10-12:45)

4. Your body is always capable of so much more than you think it is. The pros have a mindset of “if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it at the best of my ability”. (12:45-18:00)

5. Tempo can be good when it comes to training but there are so many other aspects that makes it irrelevant such exercises, rest periods, developing hard work ethic. (18:00-22:22)

6. You are probably going to get a very great workout from being in the gym for an hour or less. Some will might need more, again, there is no ABSOLUTE. (22:22-26:52)

7. If you are just starting to workout, make sure you focus on developing good habits with your training and nutrition before you even think about supplementation. (26:52-31:00)

8. In order to overcome an addiction, you must condition your mind to be tough and strong by taking it one day at a time. When your mind is conditioned to do something over and over again, you stop living in reaction. (31:00-33:39)

9. Bodybuilding is a boot camp for life and you get conditioned to take the pain, the hard time and keep pushing and not giving up, just like in life. (33:39-34:55)

10. You must ask yourself: ” Why am I doing this?” and work on the roots of your problem or addiction. Then you have to decide that you don’t want to do this anymore and work on the tools that will help you and keep you away from that addiction.
And last and most importantly, you must do WHATEVER IT TAKES! (34:55-43:05)

11. Most pain is very short term and most people have no perspective about what real pain is. (43:05-45:00)

12. Take personal responsibility and stop pointing fingers on others and take charge of whatever happens in your life. (45:00-48:52)

13. Jerry Legacy: ” I want to leave a better place when I’m gone than when I got here”

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