Interview with Jaret Grossman on how to find your true Passion

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So in this episode of THE MIND BODY PODCAST I had the honor to interview Jaret Grossman.  Jaret is the CO Founder of Muscle-Prodigy and also had over 30 millions views in his youtube channel and over thousands of people he worked with as a coach.

Highlights of the Interview:

1. How did it all begin ( 2:25-3:40)
2. How to start your own brand although you have doubts and insecurities. (3:40-6:00)
3. How to prioritize your time for your benefits ( 6:00-7:24)
4. How to know your true passion ( 7:24-9:49)
5. The proper mindset of Elite athletes (9:49-13:25)
6. Maximizing muscle growth naturally (13:25-22:25)
7. How to increase testosterone levels naturally (22:25-27:00)
8. When do you know when to stop and not pushing your body too much (27:00-32:38)
9. Jaret legacy (32:38)

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