Interview With James Lawrance On Redefining The Impossible

My guest today redefine the word “impossible”
He holds a world record for the most ironman distance triathlons completed within a single calendar year.
His ability to push his body past the point of physical limitations helped him complete 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 days.
he is the iron cowboy james lawrance.
oh and did i mention that he is happly married with 5 kids!

So, next time you are going to say “I have no time for the gym because i have my kids, my mom or my freakin cat to take care of., do yourself a favor and think about mister james lawrence

Just for the record,
An ironman consist of:
– 2.4 miles /3.8 km swim
– 112 miles/108 km bike
– 26.2 miles/42 km run
A total of 140.6 miles/153.8 km!

And this dude did it 50 times! For 50 straight days!

A total of:
– 120 miles/ 190 km swim
– 5600 miles/ 5400 km bike
– 1310 miles/2100 km run
A total of 7030 miles/7690 km!!!

Table of content:

1. You have to learn how to manage pain. It starts with patient and having a sense of relentlessness. Success build success and confidence builds confidence. So every time you get to a destination/goal, you want to push a lil bit more. (4:52-7:37)

2. You have to do a lot of little things over a long period of time. Which means, being consistent with the basics. You got to put a goal and give it the respect that it deserve. (7:37-9:18)

3. The reality is that most people are not committed or willing to sacrifice or show up every single day. (9:18-10:20)

4. One “why” can help you go through some challenges but when your back is against the wall, one “why” is not enough. You must know what your purpose is for. (10:20-12:24)

5. Nothing that is great was never been accomplished by your own. It’s the TEAM you surround yourself with, the mentors and coaches and it starts with you believing in yourself and from there you can slowly build your team. Making sure that you have accountability will always allow you to keep moving forward in life. (12:24-13:48)

6. You have to be able to ask for help and get that help. It’s ok to ask for help, nobody knows it all and we all need other people to show us the right way to do stuff that we are currently don’t know how to do. (13:48-15:30)

7. Until you take a step back and look at the scenario and say “What do I need to learn right now?”, same crap is going to keep happening to you. It’s up to you to learn the lesson and go through it so you can grow as a person or keep getting the same lesson in the face. (15:30-16:10)

8. If you want a change in your life, you have to shift, move and do something. You don’t need to have the “perfect plan”, just start moving, executing and that will start to put things into motion. (16:10-19:10)

9. You have time your day for what you make time for. Most people make excuses for not working out and until they make it a priority in their life, they will always use the excuses to feel better about themselves.
Balance what’s most important to you and organize it. You will have to sacrifice certain things and even eliminate them so you can make your family a priority, your business a priority and most importantly, yourself! (19:10-21:36)

10. 10% of life is what happens to us, 90% is how we CHOOSE to react to it. We always have a choice, we control the words that comes out of our mouth. It always on us and how are we gonna react. (21:36-25:10)

11. James Legacy: ” I wanna be the guy that redefine Impossible and helped people change their mindset and accomplish things”

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