Interview With Jadiant Quinn On The Beauty Of Being Different

In Today’s podcast I had an amazing honor to share the story of a young man which when he was just 4 years old, he became a burning survivor.

suffering from 95 percent burns to his body and nearly dying, dealing with anorexia, being bullied by other kids and being called “monster”, jadiant is a true inspiration to all of us that no event or situation that happen in our life defy who we truly are.

this young amazing man is a true leader and I see a very bright future in front of him! I’m more than honored that I had the chance to speak with him and understand his point of view about life.

Table of content:
1. Overcoming being a burning survivor (3:31-4:41)
2. Growing up different (4:41-6:28)
3. Beauty is Pain (6:28-8:52)
4. People’s opinion does not define you (8:52-12:08)
5. Dream SMART and not just BIG (12:08-15:59)
6. Creating Relationship and overcoming feeling lonely (15:59-17:56)
7. How Fitness changed the way Jadiant look at life (17:56-20:27)
8. Overcoming Anorexia (20:27-22:13)
9. stop focusing on yourself and start to focus on others (22:13-30:10)
10. Jadiant Legacy (30:10)

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