Interview with Greg O’Gallagher on the power of now

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In today’s episode I hosted a very special guy.

he is the CEO of,

He has helped thousands of boys and girls achieving ( in his words) that “chiseled Hollywood physique”.

He is!… Greg O’Gallagher!


  1. How did greg started his fitness journey (1:40-2:55)
  2. What it really takes to get to the top (2:55-4:16)
  3. The moments when everything have changed (4:16-5:58)
  4. How to stay focused (5:58-7:08)
  5. Morning rituals (7:08-8:14)
  6. Building a good team around you (8:14-9:10)
  7. The loss of his father (9:10-12:10)
  8. Going beyond fear (12:10-14:22)
  9. Does anybody can become successful in life? (14:22-19:50)
  10. Handling with pressure moments and “haters” (19:50-22:20)
  11. Greg’s Mission in life (22:20-24:56)
  12. The legacy of Greg O’gallagher (24:56)


Lidor: So Greg, please tell us a little bit about your own story and how fitness started for you?

Greg: I was always into fitness from the early age. I loved the idea of being stronger, faster, more powerful and muscular. So I started working out doing some push up and chin ups and I have built it from there.

When I first started my business I dropped out of university and I was researching this area really substantially.

I knew I want to do something different and of course getting hundreds of thousands of people into my site was not something that happened over night. I did a lot of articles, I learned how to do SEO and it started to grow really fast when I started doing my youtube channel, So there is a lot of time and effort in this.


Lidor: Did you ever had a moment when you said: “this is gotta change now!” ?

Greg: the moment for me was when I was in university and it just didn’t feel right and the other moment for me was when I started asking a guy about teaching me to build my site.


Lidor: How can you stay focus and not let anything distracted you?

Greg: To me it’s just on having a strong goals. If you are very connected to your goals you will be very focused. I recommend people to but journal books and write down on the first 3-4 pages their goals for this year.

Another thing is meditation or using ” the power of now” audiobook to help you stay focused.


Lidor: For all of those guys that just starting, how can you build a good team under you?

Greg: It’s pretty much came to me, I just got connected with people and from ther we started working together.


Lidor: I saw a video of you talking about the loss of your father when you were young, would you like to share and tell us a little bit about How  you reacted to the loss of your father?

Greg: I was 11, and I was pretty young so I was devastated and I guess in that moment I realized I have to become successful because he was not there to guide me.

My dad was an extraordinary man, he would always give you the best experience possible. One time we went to an hotel but there was something in that hotel he didn’t like so we left and went to the absolute best hotels and that was a time when my father did not make much income but still he would never settle. So I think I really wanted to honor my father and for me to honor him was for me to rise to the top and make the most out of life.


Lidor: How did you made that shift in your mind and went beyond your fears?

Greg: one, you got to realize that life is really short and when you have that perspective that this is your life, you realize how silly it is to stuck in your head. So if my dream is building a business, should I stop because what others says about me? That’s silly!

I will be honest with you, not everyone is going to become successful. Some people don’t have it in them. It’s impossible for every single person to be successful. Some people just don’t have the ” go getter attitude”. Some people can’t handle risk, they are scared of risks, judgment.

To become successful you need to have the speed of implementation! You have to fucking do it right now! If you want it that bad so you would do it already. You just can’t teach a pig to fly, and if people don’t have it in them, they won’t get it.


Lidor: Do you think that if we take a random guy that has no hunger for his life and we surround him by a bunch of “hungry” and driven people eventually something will him him?

Greg: That might help but it’s not enough. So I you don’t have that underlying drive and determination to take on risks and the desire to learn everything you can to succeed, you won’t make it.


Lidor: How do you handle with pressure moments and “Haters”?

Greg: In some cases it really irrelevant. If it’s not a feedback and it’s just an hate comment I would not even read it. As far as for pressure moments, just get present and ask yourself what can you do right now?

A lot of times we just make stuff in our minds, so ask yourself ” what is the worst case scenario that can happen?”

When you are logical you realize that ” oh well, if that doesn’t go well I always have this other option.

And you also always want to learn from your failures and not dwell by them.


Lidor: What is your mission in life?

Greg: I got into conclusion to really just follow my passion. So I always ask myself what am I most passionate about that I’m willing to work really hard at it and secondly, always thriving for improvement.


Lidor: What is the legacy that you would like to leave after you will no longer be in this world?

Greg: So basically what I wanna say is enjoy the fucking life! Stop being stressed all the time, smile, go out after what you want, take control and responsibility of your life and really find a way to enjoy your life. You have the power to change your thoughts and feelings so take control and live a life.


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