Interview With Gary John Bishop On How To Keep The Promises To Yourself

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In today’s episode I had a great time speaking with Gary John Bishop.
Gary is one of the leading Personal Development experts in the industry with a global reputation that has impacted tens of thousands of people worldwide. Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. The grit and wit of his early life have contributed to his tough-love, in-your-face approach to coaching. Coupled with world-class training and development, Gary has created a potent brew of effectiveness and the ability to reach through the crust of people’s lives and root out the deeper issues that consume them and tie them to their hurdles. His ability to elevate and expand people’s greatness makes the kind of life-altering impact that is so rare in the industry.

Table of content:

1. Personal bio (3:00-6:55)
2. Ask yourself: “is the life that I’m living consistent with who I say I’m? (6:55-8:45)
3. If you fail to change, then you don’t really want to change (8:45-10:06)
4. Make sure you always back up the promises you make for yourself (10:06-12:29)
5. Your experience of yourself rises with the consistency of promises you keep to yourself (12:29-13:00)
6. Realize your familiar thoughts and emotions, and break those patterns (13:00-14:50)
7. Your promises to yourself are always tested moment-by-moment (14:50-16:00)
8. We use our internal world to how we are going to react to the reality (16:00-18:00)
9. Use your calendar to put it outside of your head to a paper/phone (18:00-20:40)
10. Forgive yourself when you mess up and keep going! Nobody is perfect (20:40-23:40)
11. Whatever you want to do, schedule a sate and time for it so it can be done (23:40-28:00)
12. The journey is different for everybody, but the outcome is the most important thing (28:00-30:38)
13. When you produce a result for yourself, you experience breakthroughs in your life (30:38-33:30)
14. You have to be willing to change your life (33:30-33:48)
15. Gary’s Legacy (33:48)

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