Interview With Garrain Jones On How Changing Your Mindset Can Change Your Life!

Motivational speaker and transformation coach Garrain Jones has read The Power of Positive Thinking over 200 times to reinforce the practice in his life. As a former criminal carrying the baggage of a tough upbringing, he created a process to overhaul the mental patterns leading him to bad life decisions and came out the other side a new man. The author of the upcoming book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life explains the power thought has in rewriting your life story on this episode of The Mind Body Podcast.

Table of content:
1. You were born to love, everything else is learned (5:45-7:00)
2. Change your mindset- Change your life! If you will have the same mindset and the same habits, you will experience the same life. Once you get to your breaking point, use it and grow from it to the better you! (7:00-10:45)
3. Commit yourself to excellent and do the opposite of what you usually do if you are in a point that your life is not working (10:45-14:40)
4. life can take away everything from you, your house, your clothes, your family, but as long as you have your own mind- you can be free. (14:40-17:18)
5. When you become the essence of the freedom, when you embody all the character of the freedom, it will start to spill up the space within you and eventually start to add value to each person around you. (17:18-21:20)
6. Stay around positive environment so you can amplify the results that you want. Follow successful people and match and mirroring them, the way they speak, talk and move. (21:20-23:26)
7. Darrain Legacy: ” My Legacy is creating a space, for not only myself but anyone else to live their life in such a way that they have joy, abundance and happiness and that they are living the life that they actually want to, rather than the one that they are forced to, or they are just existing in life. “
8. You can’t be what you can’t see, so if you can’t see it, you don’t know that it’s even exist. (25:45)

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