Interview With Evan Carmichael On How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneurial expert. He runs the best YouTube channel for entrepreneurs in the world, you might saw some of his top 10 rules for success which has some of the most views in YouTube.
Evan is a very humble guy and his main mission is to solve the world biggest problem which in his words is: untapped human potential.

Table of content:

1. The more you can go from idea to trying, the more successful you will be in business. Most people overthink things and talk themselves out of doing great things because they are not sure how its going to work. (3:00-4:45)

2. Life is a rollercoaster, if you don’t know what you are doing, you have to try and test different things and pay attention to what you really liked and enjoyed.
Also, expect to suck at the beginning and learn to enjoy the process and love to the work. (4:45-6:45)

3. You can’t “think your way through”, you have to try for yourself in order to know what you truly passionate about. (6:45-7:20)

4. Tie yourself to the effort and not the end results. Become proud of the effort you put everyday instead of focusing only on the wins, because this way you will always lose. (7:20-8:40)

5. You have to believe more. Believe in yourself, your abilities, your skills and in order to do so, you must surround yourself with something that gives you a feeling of courage and belief like videos, podcast, quotes and use it on a daily basis. (8:40-11:25)

6. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you have to:
– Believe- believe in yourself, your work, your mission.
– Start- don’t overthink things and start with whatever idea you have right now.
– Create a successful environment- create a successful physical environment and the right people around you. Read books, listen to good material and watch quality videos of successful people.
– Don’t listen to “the little men”- don’t listen to all of the negative people, the haters, the people who find all the reasons why you are not going to make it.
– Be yourself- don’t be afraid to be yourself, be vulnerable and show your weaknesses which will get people to really connect with you.

7. Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection. Instead, you have to be afraid of the idea of not knowing what could happen and living with regret. (14:34-16:55)

8. When you live your life based on what other people expect you to do and be, while all of them are living a mediocre life, then you lose. (16:55-19:30)

9. Be careful with the goals you set for yourself and the things you say you are going to do. The more you do stuff that is difficult for you, the more you built your self respect and confidence. (19:30-23:35)

10. If you really want to be good at something, surround yourself with people that are very good in that thing you want to master as well and consume it daily. (23:35-26:10)

11. Evan legacy: “I don’t think about what’s gonna happen after I’m gone, I think about what I’m doing right now.” (26:10-27:45)

12. Humans are meant to serve, If you are not happy, you are not serving enough. Find the way that you can serve and lean more on that and this is how you will find your true happiness and fulfillment in life. (27:45)

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