Interview with Drew Manning on how to overcome the “overweight mindset”

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In today’s episode I got a good chance speaking to a very unique person.
His name is drew manning and some of you might be fimilar with him on his journey from fit to fat to fit.
Drew is a fitness guru, NY Times Best Selling Author and a motivational speaker.
Drew is not only a coach but also stepped into his clients shoes but adding 70 pounds to his frame and losing it all in a 6 month journey!
Wow, taking about a real walk the talk.
By that he finally understood how the mind of an overweight person really feel like and what needs to change both physically and mentally.
So im really excited sharing this interview with you all and I truly believe you can take a few notes that can help you and your fat loss journey,

Some of the topics Drew and I discussed about were:

1. Fitness background (1:50-3:10)
2. The journey from fit2fat2fit (3:10-5:11)
3. What’s going into an overweight person’s mind (5:11-7:45)
4. How to shift your mind from an overweight mentality to a fitness person mentality (7:45-12:43)
5. How to overcome your bad food habits (12:43-17:37)
6. Must tools every overweight person must have while starting his/her fat loss journey (17:37-23:08)
7. What is the best question you should always ask yourself daily while trying to lose weight? (23:08-27:58)
8. How can you motivate yourself to working out when you don’t feel like it (27:58-32:45)
9. How changing your inside rules can impact the way you are going to do or not to do something (27:58-32:45)
10. How to change your current “anchors” to a much more empowering ones (36:12-38:25)
11. Drew Manning legacy (38:25)

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