Interview With Dr. Jen Esquer On The Power Of Movement

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In today’s show I had the honor to speak with Doctor of Physical Therapy and movement Jen Esquer.

Jen treats patients privately in the Los Angeles area but educates people all over the world through her social media channels on how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. She is a very smart, generous, and a very hard working woman.
Jen and I talked about several topics such as:

– The importance of imobility and moving our body
– having a better self-image
– Ending negative self-talk
– The journey to build your own business

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (2:55-4:15)
2. Using other people’s stories to get a better perspective and wake up your hunger and drive for your life (4:15-6:36)
3. Allow yourself to open up and have your space (6:36-11:00)
4. Become more mindful and aware of where your body is resting and how you are going to move out of that. (11:00-13:30)
5. 2 Practical and powerful ways to help your body condition daily (13:30-16:50)
6. Take responsibility of your body (16:50-19:00)
7. 3 Keys for building a better body and glutes *for women* (19:00-21:10)
8. 1 Simple tool to overcome negative self-talk (21:10-24:15)
9. Always know your “why” with whatever you want in any area of your life (24:15-28:36)
10. The results will always come when you are truly connected to your “why” (28:36-30:10)
11. The power of finding your ideal life partner (30:10-37:15)
12. Jen’s Legacy (37:15)

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