Interview With Dawn Watson On Turning Pain Into Power

In today’s episode I spoke with Dawn Watson.
Since Dawn went to Date With Destiny, she has inspired people worldwide with her story. She has been doing lectures and courses around Brazil, guiding people on their path of forgiveness and explaining how they can transform pain into power.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (1:55-3:24)
2. Understand your pain (3:24-5:28)
3. What would life be if you won’t hold into your pain? (5:28-6:12)
4. Be willing to go through pain so you can figure out how you can release it inside of you by using forgiveness (6:12-9:30)
5. Life is made up by high and low moments and you learn and grow when you are at your high and you transform when you are in your low. You must master your high moments and learn how to love yourself through your low moments too. Both are equally important (9:30-12:20)
6. You have to live your truth and own who you are! (12:20-15:30)
7. The biggest way you can help someone is by living in your truth and when you do, you automatically liberate others to live in theirs (15:30-21:15)
8. There is always a way back home, but first you must stop running away from your pain and say it’ write it down, know why it hurts you and how can you release it (21:15-25:55)
9. Dawn’s legacy (25:55)

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