Interview with Dave Palumbo on being the best you can be in and out of the gym

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In today’s podcast I had the chance to speak with Dave Palumbo
Dave is a retired body builder and expert contest preparation coach. He is the CEO and found of RX Muscle and owner of Species Nutrition. His notable clients include the likes of WWE super star’s Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Table of content:
1. Dave’s background (1:35-3:20)
2. Why having an inspiration is a must (3:20-5:10)
3. If you do something- focus on it and go all out (5:10-6:00)
4. Always strive to be the best you can be (6:00-7:47)
5. The power of positive affirmation to yourself (7:47-8:25)
6. Common mistakes before getting ready for a show (8:25-13:30)
7. The only way to succeed in anything you want (13:30-16:33)
8. You don’t get what you want- you get what you are! (16:33-17:20)
9. What takes longer to recover- muscle or nervous system? (17:20-19:30)
10. Tempo VS progressively overload- which one is better for building more muscle? (19:30-21:15)
11. Few tips for a beginner who try to build more muscle (21:15-22:50)
12. How important is the digestive system for losing body fat/ gaining muscle? (22:50-24:30)
13. The difference between men/women in terms of nutrition and training (24:30-27:00)
14. How to get your energy higher through your nutrition (27:00-29:45)
15. Dave’s top 3 supplement recommendation (29:45-36:00)
16. Dave legacy (36:00)

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