Interview with Daniel Gefen On Knowing Yourself To Achieve Anything You Want

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In this episode I had the honor to speak with Daniel Gefen.
Daniel is a writer, public speaker and a the host of the podcast “can I pick your brain?”
Oh and lets not forget he is a full time father with 3 kids!

Honestly, I really really enjoy talking with Daniel,
It felt authentic, real and really spontaneous.
I love to talk with intelligent people that get my brain to work, and Daniel really pushed me here.
We talked about serval topics such as conquering your fears by using “his children” analogy,
We also talked about how to stay focus and not drawn in the tons and tons of information we have today… damn it I miss the 90’s( yes I was just a baby but lets assume I was mature for my age)
And of course and most importantly..
How to know yourself which is super important and if I could go with one nugget from this interview that would be it-
You gotta know yourself more than anybody else,
We can all model the best in the world,
We can all use other people’s material to become better
But at the end of the day we have the ability to decide and make decision by what we believe is best for us- that’s when you really know YOU.
When you believe in yourself
When you believe in what you do
When you know what works best and what doesn’t for you.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (2:31-3:54)
2. How to get past of an overwhelming state (3:54-7:18)
3. The process of writing “the self-help addict” (7:18-12:45)
4. How to become a better listener (12:45-18:00)
5. How to overcome self-doubts (18:00-21:25)
6. Looking at our thoughts and feelings as “our children” (21:25-27:30)
7. Fear is your friend not your enemy! (27:30-39:27)
8. How to overcome bad habits (39:27-44:00)
9. Why you must know yourself first (44:00-48:30)
10. There is no competition expect competing with yourself (48:30-49:00)
11. You got to have balance between what you BECOME to what you are BEING. (49:00-52:33)
12. Daniel’s Legacy + his grandfather amazing holocaust story (52:33)

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