Interview With Craig Ballantyne On How To Create Your Perfect Day!

Craig Ballantyne coaches high-performing entrepreneurs and executives to get more done, have massive impact, grow their influence, and finally have a personal life again. He’s helped his clients grow $100 million businesses … while fixing their relationships at the same time. Craig is the author of “The Perfect Day Formula” and “Turbulence Training,” and has been a contributor to Men’s Health magazine for over 17 years.

Table of content:
1. In order to have a great day, you must first plan it the night before. Also, you have to be able to shift yourself from each “mode” that you are on like “work mode” to “family mode” and be fully in that mode. (4:30-7:00)

2. You should have 5 blocks of time in a course of a day.
For example, have 5 blocks of 3 hours, which is a total of 15 hours in a day.
Blocks like: Personal, Deep work, Administration stuff, Family.

3. Identify the things that holds you back and “build a defense around yourself”, to protect the bad stuff from coming in like temptations (television, Smart phone and etc.)

4. Create a vision for your life and know what and where you want to go (your dream destination). Once you know that, you must have crystal clear focus on your vision and your plan of action. (12:12-14:15)

5. You need to be willing to do stuff that most are not willing to do if you really want to succeed in your life (14:15-17:30)

6. Craig’s Legacy (17:30)

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