Interview With Chris Patterson On How He Generated 1.4 Billion Dollars For His Customers But Started With 40,000$ In Debt


In today’s episode I have the honor to speak with  chris patterson.

Chris is the CEO of interchanges. interchanges is an enthusiastic team of ‘make-it-happen’ professionals who are dedicated to producing significant business results for their clients.

Chris story start from a very humble beginning and im sure that all of us can learn a lot from him and his entrepreneurial journey.


Table of content:

  1. Personal bio (3:37-4:35)
  2. Starting a new business from scratch (4:35-7:00)
  3. Resources are never the problem, it’s all about becoming resourceful enough (7:00-8:30)
  4. You have to have a place where you always have a treat (8:30-11:15)
  5. Everything in life is a season, but seasons never last forever (11:15-11:45)
  6. You have to become a person who is constantly live in crisis with himself (11:45-15:00)
  7. Being mentored by zig Ziglar for 12 months (15:00-16:30)
  8. Take full ownership of your life because nobody owns you nothing! (16:30-18:20)
  9. How to fix your negative habits (18:20-22:45)
  10. Use the power of C.A.N.I (22:45-25:15)
  11. Setting goals the RIGHT way (25:15-33:00)
  12. Chris Patterson’s Legacy (34:00)

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