Interview With Chris Lee On Strategies To Build Self Worth & Live Life From Love

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In today’s episode of the mind body podcast I had the honor to host chris lee.
“Chris Lee is a transformational facilitator, coach, and TV personality. For 27 years, Lee has traveled the world teaching and empowering people, including world business leaders and Hollywood celebrities, to live an extraordinary life.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio (1:50-6:45)
2. Shifting your mindset from a VICTIM to a RESPONSIBLE (6:45-7:55)
3. Your belief system is the source of every result in your life (7:55-10:45)
4. Feelings come and go, but vision, commitment and intention can last forever (10:45-11:50)
5. Trade your negative beliefs with a positive beliefs about yourself and who you truly believe you are (11:50-13:58)
6. Use your vision and your “why” as fuel and make them bigger than your “feelings” (13:58-16:45)
7. Anything in life is a PERCEPTION (16:45-20:37)
8. Use mentors in order to create better habits (20:37-24:00)
9. Confident comes from doing things that are out of your “comfort zone” (24:00-28:00)
10. Reinvest yourself to the person you want to become (28:00-30:00)
11. Everything you do or don’t do in life is your CHOICE (30:00-32:00)
12. Chris Legacy (32:00-33:20)
13. When you come from your HEART- you live life from love, when you come from your EGO- you live life from your head (33:20-36:25)
14. Self-worth equal net worth- how you evaluate yourself is how you evaluate money (36:25-43:15)
15. Gratitude is the number one key to abundance (43:15)

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