Interview With Chris Harder On Why You Must Stop Be A Solopreneur

In today’s episode I had the honor to speak with Chris W Harder.
After retiring from corporate america at age 34, Chris is now paying it forward by Life and Career Coaching a few select clients at a time, while running one of the most successful podcasts in its genre, For The Love Of Money on iTunes or at

Table of content:
1. collaboration is the number one thing that will get you to where you want to go (2:33-3:45)
2. There is no such thing as “self-made”. Nobody who has done anything in her/her life, ever did it by him/her self (3:45-7:10)
3. What we attract to our life is in direct proportion to the energy that we give to others (7:10-9:30)
4. If you can learn the two traits- Sales & Leadership, you can go wherever you want to go in life (9:30-11:00)
5. Your lowest and hardest moments can become your biggest and most empowering moments of your life! (11:00-12:00)
6. Lift other people up and enjoy being lifted along the process. Rise with others, don’t try to rise by yourself because nothing in life has any value until it shared with others. (12:00-13:38)
7. What got you to where you are today, will also keep you where you are today. Your identity supposed to be a work toward progress. You must always grow and expend your identity, or you will be miserable for the rest of your life. (13:38-14:55)
8. Your environment is stronger than your will power. If you are around negative environment and negative people, it will force you to stay the same. Always change the environment and ask yourself: ” How can I change my environment for the better, every single day?” (14:55-17:30)

9. We won’t run through a wall for other people that we won’t run for our self. We are programmed to be “The Hero”. Find those people that will hold you accountable and make you do that “extra mile”. (17:30-19:09)
10. Love is a verb, It’s not a thing you have, it’s something you do DAILY, or it will just go away. If you are in relationship, make sure that you work as hard for your relationship as much as you do on your business. (19:09-20:49)
11. Have a physical habit that you do with your spouse like walking outside, so you can both change your state. Also, be open to try your partner suggestions and not automatically judging her/him. That will allow you to evolve together. (20:49-25:10)
12. You first meet someone that shares the same core values as you and that you also share the same value of wanting to become better than you are today. Also, be open to find someone that has totally different interests than you. (25:10-27:30)
13. Get rid of all the expectations you have about how business, relationship or friends should be, and be open to brand new things that you never thought you would like. (27:30-30:00)
14. Done is better than perfect. You are always going to screw things up. You can fix it the best as you can and you come up with it anyway. (30:00-32:30)
15. Chris Harder Legacy (32:30)

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