Interview With Chris Cavallini On How To Let Go Of Your Past & Discipline Yourself For Success.

Interview With Chris Cavallini On How To Let Go Of Your Past & Discipline Yourself For Success.

In this episode i had the honor to speak with chris cavallini.
Chris story is really amazing because we see a man here that really was far away from becoming or being called a success story.

From being a drug dealer, working in strip clubs and being arrested more then 17 times prior his 18 years of age, chris is now the ceo of the best meal prep company in the US nutrition solutions.

Nutrition solutions work with top performace athletes like wwe suparstars and nfl players.

Chris has made a big shift and change in his life and we can all learn from his story that our past, our failures, our mistakes, does not define us as persons unless we choose to let it define us.

Table of content:

1. Early childhood, being arrested 17 times before I got to the age of 18. (2:45-4:50)

2. Joining the military has taught me a lot. Being around people that have such a high standard, automatically raises yours and level up your game faster than trying to do it alone.

Also, being in the military has taught me to discipline myself, work harder and become a man. (4:50-7:00)

3. From working in a strip club and selling anabolic steroids I finally DICIDED to commit my life to personal development.
Personal development means reading books, watching youtube videos and becoming a better human being, leader & communicator with a better mindset.
That commitment led me to start my company nutrition solutions and create the culture that we have today. (7:00-11:42)

4. Pay attention to details, specially the small ones. This will help you develop a high level of discipline and move you forward toward progression in your life. (11:42-14:45)

5. There are winners and losers in life. Those who actually win, understands the important of discipline and doing the work wether they feel like it or not. (14:45-15:54)

6. Procrastination is the number one killer for all success. JUST FUCKING DO IT! (15:54-16:50)

7. If you want to change your life, raise your standards. Everything in your life right now is in direct reflection to your standards.
It is hard to change, but if you really want to change you really have to see and feel how your life would look like if you don’t change. Perspective is a very powerful tool, use it and get better each day. (16:50-19:45)

8. When you are taking action or set goals, the way that really makes you feel good is the progress that you are making along the way. When you see progression, your brain release chemicals and make you feel good, proud and fulfilled. (19:45-23:40)

9. You don’t have to be a CEO to become a leader. We are all leaders of something. We can lead people around us by living our life as an example. Take pride in the small details, like making your bed, eating better, working harder in the gym, which will transit to all the areas of your life. (23:40-27:30)

10. The educational system sets us to a mediocrity life. College is a waste of time, you don’t need a degree to become something. Educate yourself with stuff that can actually improve your life by reading books of the most successful people in the world. Most of what you need to learn, will never be at universities. (27:30-31:42)

11. Nobody knows what to do, you just get a point where you educate yourself, you are taking action enough time and move yourself closer each time to the thing that will work. (31:42-34:38)

12. Brining people up with me is what always makes us more grateful in our life. (34:38-35:55)

13. Nobody gives a fuck about how hard you work. You need to learn to be efficient and effective. Don’t just work harder, become more effective in the time that you are working and also be able to enjoy your life. (35:55-38:16)

14. If you try to grow yourself or your business, you have to understand that there will be sacrifices and years that you will feel lonely and you will question yourself a lot, that’s totally normal. You have to be prepare for that and that you won’t feel amazing all the time. (38:16-39:50)

15. Chris Legacy: ” When my time on this earth is up, I would love nothing more than there to be masses of people who can confidently say that their life was made better because I was a part of it. If I can do it, going from being the person that I was to the person that I’m today, anybody can do it!”

16. Use your story as your “why” to create a better life for yourself and choose to step up and be an example to others and show them that if you can do it, so can them. (42:35-44:00)

17. Your past does not define you, what defines you is the actions you take right now and the life that you build for yourself till this point. You have to realize and remember that nobody is standing in your way to make the life that you always wanted for yourself, so go and make it happen. (44:00)

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