Interview with Brandon Farbstein on shifting your mindset into your real purpose in life

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In today’s episode I bring you one amazing soul.
A warrior, a man that is really human example of how we are all can take control of our mind.
He is- Brandon farbstiin
Brandon was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism at the age of 2, Brandon has an incredible perspective on the world- and his mission each day is to inspire and impact..and that is exactly what he has been able to. In just two years of speaking, over a million people across the globe have been inspired by Brandon; this is just the beginning for this smart, intellegnt man.

Oh and I forgot to mention- HE IS JUST 18 YEARS OLD!

Brandon show us all that in spite of your life challenges, in spite of what people said or did to you- you can overcome it all and take control of your mind,
So im very excited to share this interview with you all and really give you a new perspective about your life and remember that the only way we suffer is when we are focusing on ourelf.
Get out of your mind, have better refrences and by that you can shift your mind and start to live an happy life.

Table of content:
1. Personal background (2:00-3:45)
2. How to reprogram your mind for success in spite of life challenges. (3:45-6:24)
3. How can we find what we really want to do? (6:24-7:25)
4. The power of your surroundings (7:25-10:37)
5. Using the power of quality questions to shift your focus to what you really want. (10:37-14:00)
6. Using role models and better references to empower your mind. (14:00-15:40)
7. How can we handle stress or any other “suffering state” (15:40-17:12)
8. Using the power of people and your vision to overcome self-sabotage. (17:12-19:00)
9. How can you get yourself more discipline and committed day by day (19:00-20:55)
10. The difference between perspective and perception. (20:55-22:05)
11. The power of global metaphors on how we see life (22:05-23:30)
12. Do you see yourself in a relationship at this point of your life? (23:30-26:40)
13. How can parents help their child have a strong mindset in spite of his/her physical limitations (26:40-28:00)
14. The power of vison (28:00-29:25)
15. Brandon’s legacy (29:25)

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