Interview with Ben Pakulski on seeing success as an habit

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In this episode of THE MIND BODY PODCAST I had the privilege to talk to a man I consider to be one of the top expert in the fitness in the world.
Some of you might know him from his best selling muscle building program the mi40.
He is ben pakulski.
Ben is a very humble and smart guy. I really learned a lot from talking to him with the hour he gave me.

Some of the topics we discussed are:

1. The beginning of building his body (2:00-3:24)
2. The mindset of elite athlete (3:24-4:52)
3. You are the 5 people you surround yourself with (4:52-6:45)
4. How can you hold on to your dream when there is no evidence around you (6:45-9:52)
5. Does ben planning to compete again? (9:52-13:45)
6. Creating higher standards for yourself (13:45-16:22)
7. Overcoming laziness (16:22-18:12)
8. Read less- think more (18:12-20:08)
9. Practice gratitude in your life and conditioning your brain to look for the positive. (20:08-22:45)
10. Does progressively overload is the main factor for building more muscle? (22:45-29:56)
11. How long does it takes to have a better execution in the gym? (29:56-35:06)
12. Does certain body parts need higher rep range than others? (35:06-38:52)
13. Does the term “amino acid pool” play a role like muscle glycogen in your liver? (38:52-40:09)
14. Can you build muscle effectively on a vegan/vegetarian diet? (40:09-41:19)
15. Does the “pump” really counts? (41:19-44:00)
16. The “20 hacks” effect (44:00-51:53)
17. Ben’s legacy (51:53)

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