Interview With Bedros Keuilian On How To Stop Making Excuses And Go After What You Want

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In this Episode I had the honor to talk to one of the most respected guy out there when it comes to marketing and fitness business expert- Bedros Keuilian! 

Bedros Keuilian is a renowned fitness business expert, mentoring some of the world’s top fitness professionals. He hosts the biggest fitness business seminar in the world (Fitness Business Summit), which is in its 11th year.

We covered some great topic for you and I’m sure that it will be really valuables to you


Highlights from the Interview: 

  1. Beginning is always hard- Bedros family immigration story. (1:00-2:05)
  2. What does it really take in order to get to the next level in your life? (2:05-3:40)
  3. How to make the “shift” mentally so you no longer thinking with that scarcity mindset of losing money. (3:40-5:34)
  4. Why making your “want” or “should” into a “must” will make you follow through in every aspect of life. (5:34-7:10)
  5. Why knowledge is just potential power and how you can use knowledge into action. (7:10-9:10)
  6. How to stop making excuses and start doing what you want (11:09-13:00)
  7. How to get more traffic to your brand ( 13:00-15:50)
  8. Should you focus on few or many? (15:50-19:39)
  9. Why do we need momentum for getting our dreams into reality (19:39-21:25)
  10. What you should focus on when trying to build your brand? (21:25-23:29)
  11. Do we really need to use the “fake it till you make it” attitude? (23:29-27:15)
  12. The great analogy of gym-life-business (27:15-28:15)
  13. The ultimate resource for any success in life (28:15-30:20)
  14. Bedros Keuilian Legacy (30:20)

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