Interview with Anthony Powell on using PAIN to drive you to your success

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In this week’s podcast episode I chat with the Network Marketing legend “Anthony Powell” who has created a tonne of millionaires and lead 10’s of 1,000’s to a life of freedom through residual income.
Anthony was mentored by one of the self development greats “Jim Rohn”

Table of content:
1. Personal background (1:25-3:15)
2. Take control of your body (3:15-4:00)
3. Shifting your mindset (4:00-7:24)
4. Finding the right mentor and make him want to help you (7:24-11:25)
5. Understanding the real numbers that you want (11:25-14:10)
6. How can you know that you have a good perspective to your current goal? (14:10-16:20)
7. How can you market yourself in today’s world? (16:20-17:30)
8. The importance of targeting and being specific with your nitch (17:30-22:00)
9. Handling rejections (22:00-23:40)
10. Can people really change in a moment? (23:40-26:00)
11. Working with Herbalife and the decision to start on his own. (26:00-36:00)
12. Don’t focus on the victory, focus on the journey. (36:00-37:35)
13. Anthony’s Legacy (37:35)

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