Interview With Angela Rockwood On How To Use The difference in you

In today’s episode I have the honor to speak to Angela Rockwood.
For those of you who don’t know who she is, Angela is a Push Girl, Actress, Model, Creator & Producer of ”Push Girls’ and also a Motivational Speaker!

Angela became paralyzed in an automobile accident on September 3, 2001. She and two girlfriends were driving home from a trip to San Francisco when her friend lost control of the car. Angela was in the backseat and was thrown through a window suffering a broken neck and severed spinal cord; as a result she was diagnosed as a c4 quadriplegic.

Angela recognized “she was transported to the realm of the paralyzed for a reason. She has stated she, had a huge choice to make, to continue to go down or choose a positive path and be an example for others in similar positions as she is.

Angela believes “Life is a gift and what we do with our life is our gift back.” After her injury, she has chosen not to focus on the negative, but instead to be a positive example for others and those in the disability community.
We can all learn so much from this amazing beautiful soul that it is not the events that shape and direct our path in life, it’s in the moments of our decisions.
We all have the ability to take charge of our emotions and by that making better and much more empowering decisions.

Table of content:
1. Personal bio & history (4:00-5:00)
2. The life before and after the car accident (5:00-9:30)
3. The power of the Meaning we give to the events (9:30-11:50)
4. Have faith in your true calling in life (11:50-13:35)
5. Take charge of your mindset (13:35-17:00)
6. The power of our inner dialog with our self (17:00-20:30)
7. Take the time to go within and reprogram yourself (20:30-23:33)
8. How to start loving yourself more (23:33-27:30)
9. Angela’s Legacy (27:30)

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