Interview with Alex Charfen on the truth of being an entrepreneur

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In today’s episode, I had the honor to speak with Alex Charfen.
Alex Charfen is the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, empowering entrepreneurs to grow and scale businesses and make their biggest contribution.

We covered many topics in this interview from entraprenuership , studing successful people and even finding your true soul mate.
Im very thrilled to share this interview with you because alex shared a lot of good content that can benefit you all but remember- knoldege without action will give you nothing.
Knowledge is only potential power and beside, its scientifically proven that our mind can remember only 5% of what we hear and in most cases we forget it after 1-2 days so be committed.

Table of content:
1. Personal background (1:52-6:48)
2. The characteristic of high successful people (6:48-8:55)
3. The four types of people in the world (8:55-14:00)
4. The revolutionary hunter (14:00-17:00)
5. Do we really need to sacrifice in order to get what we want? (17:00-22:20)
6. The 3 states of an entrepreneur (22:20-27:00)
7. The power of knowing where you want to go and having perspective on that. (27:00-28:50)
8. How setting unrealistic goals can lead you down to failure (28:50-36:15)
9. How can you find the love of your life while building your brand and life mission (36:15-41:20)
10. Clarity is power (41:20-44:22)
11. Alex legacy (44:22)

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