Interview With Omar Elattar On How To Overcome A Broken Heart

In today’s episode i talked with Omar Elattar.
Omar is the founder of the podcast “The Passionate Few” where he talk with some of the brilliant and most successful enttrprenuers in the world.
People like grant cardone, tom bilyeu (Quest CEO) and even the Co founder of Wikipedia!

We had an amazing conversation were we talked about business, living a fulfilling life to overcoming a broken heart.

Table of content:
1. Starting out from a video production to inspiring millions of people around the world (3:00-5:10)
2. Overcoming a broken heart, depression and using alcohol as a source for connection got me to realize that no matter what challenge we have we must remember that “nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning that we give it”. You can choose what things mean and how to use your emotions and switch your mind for the better.
3. Learn to ask yourself better questions like: “how can I use this? ” “what can I do to make this better? ” everything we accomplish or have is a result of our inner dialog. (9:00-11:30)
4. When you find something to serve, it will truly make you happy and fulfilled. Regardless to all of the material things you will have in your life. (11:30-14:10)
5. Your life is in direct proportions of the expectation of your peer group. If you feel too comfortable in your life it’s because you are around people that cool you down instead of people who lifts you up. (14:10-16:00)
6. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. You can always make more money but unless you choose and decide to be happy, you will always suffer. (16:00-18:00)
7. In order to shift your psychology about money, you need two things:

– Get around people that play the game of money on a higher level. This will elevate you sense of normal.
– Prove yourself that it’s possible. Once you do that, you will start to earn your beliefs about what’s possible for you financially and it will become normal for you.
8. Working is the ultimate contagious currency. Put in the work for whatever you want and you will automatically attract the right people as well. (24:40-28:00)
9. You don’t need to know or understand everything. You must start and step by step you will become stronger and more confident which will allow you to get to where you want to go. (28:00-33:40)
10. Think that each of your actions is like a domino effect. It can have a good or bad effect. Make sure that the actions that you take are truly fulfilling you and juice you up because if not, you are going to pay the price, at some level. (33:40-34:14)
11. Omar’s Legacy (34:14)

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