Interview With Natalie Jill On How To Become An Entrepreneur In Your 40’s

In today’s episode i had the honor to speak with a social media queen, a 7 figure entrepreneur, and an incredibly popular fitness and diet trainer who has built one of the most successful online businesses in the fitness space – all starting at the age of 40.
She left her profitable corporate sales job after the end of a marriage and her own declining health and decided it was time to get back to who she really was.
This turned into an amazing and fulfilling new career, relationship, and healthy body – and she has never looked back.
Today, she keep inspiring and help many women around the world to overcome their rock bottoms, their limitations and truly live healthy and fulfilling life.

Table of content:
1. Facing rock bottom and deciding to move forward in your life (3:52-5:25)
2. Use vision board as a great tool to train yourself see the impossible- possible (5:25-7:30)
3. The only different between where you are today to where you want to go are your thoughts and actions. You can’t control the outside but you can always control your thoughts and your actions (7:30-12:50)
4. In order to change your body:
– Change your state and make a real decision that you are going to achieve this no matter what!
– Know why do you want it. Be clear and associate enough pleasure to why you want to have it and enough pain for what you are no longer willing to have in your life.
– Unprocessing your diet. Make it simple and use high quality and healthy sources of carbs, proteins, fats, veggies and fruits.
5. Get a real reality check and start with where you are and build up on it by progression and intensity (17:00-20:30)
6. when you hit your rock bottom you try to isolate yourself from everybody (20:30-21:18)
7. If you don’t have the right people around you, listen to podcasts, read books and follow selective people on social media. (21:18-22:10)
8. Share what you are passionate about in the moment. Passion always surpass ideas all the time. And by that people will follow you. (22:10-23:50)
9. Listen to your gut and really come from a place of giving and generosity and that’s eventually what’s going to work. If you only chase something for the money- you will lose. (23:50-25:00)
10. Don’t just put half-ass content, put content that you only have passion and belief for (25:00-26:10)
11. Get outside of your head, stop thinking and analyzing and really understand what are you really passionate about (26:10-31:38)
12. If you are a woman entrepreneur, decide that you want change. Recognize the thoughts and words you keep telling yourself. Know what do you want and why do you want it. Get a coach/mentor and just do it! (31:38-32:20)
13. Natalie Legacy (32:20)

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