Interview With Markado Escano On Building REAL Relationships With Top Achievers

In this episode, I’m honored to be joined by Melbourne, Australia native, Markado Escano. Markado went from dropping out of college, to starting his own business, to surrounding himself with some of the giants of the personal development industry like Peter Voogd, Joel Brown, Lewis Howes and Tai Lopez.

Table of content:
1. Transitioning from 9-5 life to the entrepreneurial life (1:48-6:25)
2. It takes time to build your business from the ground (6:25-8:35)
3. As an entrepreneur, you can choose what you want to do versus living in a “box” life as a 9-5 person (8:35-13:16)
4. In order to build REAL relationships with influencers you must focus on 2 main things:
– SERVICE: put your ego aside and know it’s not FOR YOU. Always position yourself as a source of service and not a fan.
You can use messaging, emails, Instagram DM (direct Messages), calls, meeting in person.
– REFERRALS: Use referrals from others or refer those influencers to other influencers as well.
5. If you just starting out, you have an advantage because the fact is that you are more reliable. Also, make sure you are focusing on building REAL genuine relationship with your audience (26:26-30:26)
6. Find people (usually 3-5) that are doing the same stuff or in the same industry as you and collaborate with them (30:26-33:06)
7. Understand that it’s a process and nothing that is worth having comes easy (33:06-35:50)
8. Instead of competing with one another, collaboration is the key for long term success (35:50-39:30)
9. Set a vision and a mission that is bigger than yourself and that it’s always about other people, and not just about you (39:30-41:00)
10. Markado’s Legacy (41:00)

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