Interview With Isaiah Acosta On Chasing Your Dreams No Matter What!

In today’s episode I talked with Isaiah Acosta and he is a 18-year-old from Phoenix who was born without pathways for oxygen to enter his body.He also was born without a jaw, has never tasted food and is mute,
But guess what?
He is a fucking rapper!
Now how that is even possible you probably thinking? Well, as human beings when we really truly want something and we are truly committed, we divorce our limiting stories we say to our self, we don’t make excuses, we don’t sit down and moan and cry- and we just fucking do it!
Isiah is an amazing example for all of us for what true passion and beliefs is all about. He didn’t let his life conditions limit him or his ability to pursue his dreams.
He was committed, very driven and worked his ass off in order to make it happen.

Table of content:
1.Tell me a lil bit about your childhood, how was it like to grow up different? And what did you do about it? (2:35-3:00)
Isaiah: I had a good childhood. My parents didn’t treat me different. That’s what helped me in life. I did required more care. Society has always been nice to me. I never let that destroy me.

2. I know that u been bullied in the past, what got you to get your head up and becoming very mental strong and what would you say to those young hustlers that still afraid to get their voice out and stand up for what they want?
Isaiah: I’ve been bullied most of my life, more so now. I don’t let that stuff define me as a person. Im not perfect, I do have feelings. But I choose to be happy. What has helped me is talking about it and sharing and helping others in the same situation. Im happy, the people that does this are miserable. My advice is to chase your dreams, accomplish your goals, don’t let nothing stop you and believe that you can do it! (3:00-4:00)

3. What got you to start writing and becoming a rapper?
Isaiah: what got me start writing? Its big to explain. I love music all kinds of music. I connect with songs like expression of myself. I always wrote down lyrics. I never could imagine being in the point I’m now. No vocal voice and I’m a rapper. They are all my words and trap house is my vocal voice. ( 4:00-5:56)

4. Who was your idols growing up?
Isaiah: my idols are my parents, 50 cent, Michael Jackson, drake and my boy trap house. (4:38-6:30)

5. What do you always say to yourself?
Isaiah: I tell my self ” I can do it, I will do it or find a way to do it”. Anything in life is possible if you want it. (6:30-6:50)

6. What’s going on in your mind and body when you get on stage?
Isaiah: When im on stage I feel blessed. In many ways my word is being heard. (6:50-7:05)

7. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
Isaiah: where I see myself in 5-10 years on the path god wants me for sure. I believe I will
continue writing music and anything that comes my way. (7:05-7:48)

8. Where can people find you and your songs?
Isaiah: you can find my music anywhere you can download music. Oxygen to fly and on Instagram at XVX_6. Oxygen to fly are donate to children miracle hospital as my wish to giving back. (7:48- 8:44)

9. What is the legacy you would like to leave long after you won’t be in this world?
Isaiah: I would love to leave behind in this world is never judge what the eyes see, to treat people equally. We are all here with the same feelings. We all have a voice and we need to speak up. I hope I help the voice who’s not come up to come up. Don’t let anything stop you from dreaming. The world needs compassion and love for one another. (8:44-10:30)

10. Collaborating with trap (10:30)

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