How to stop binge eating

OK… so, you too have binged TOO MUCH in your life and want to learn why and how you can stop it once and for all, you should read this article.

Question: which day of the week do you think is causing you to put on the most unnecessary weight?

Yep, you’re right!

If you said the weekends, you’re right.

Studies show that most people manage to maintain normal weight during the week and increase their weight mainly on weekends.

why is it happening?

Because most of us are busy during the week, working, studying, so we do not really get to eat large quantities of food. Until the weekend comes.

So some of us go out on The weekends to restaurants with friends, movies in theaters with popcorn full of butter, pubs, and clubs full of alcohol and so on. Then you wake up, bored and lazy, finding yourself snacking like a zombie

The problem with these habits is that quite a bit of fat can accumulate in a few days of a weekend. Depending on your weekly activity level and genetics, such excessive meals on weekends can easily destroy fat loss even though you have eaten well and “clean” all week.

so what should we do?

Binging is normal

We are all human beings and we can all “sin” from time to time. And as humans, we like to eat sweet/salty things from time to time.

So yes, studies show that most people tend to go up mainly eating on weekends and holidays.

So the average person who tries to lose weight tries to eat “clean” throughout the week and then comes the weekend and he allows himself to eat a little more, and thus it costs about 200 grams of fat and then after a week another 200 grams of fat. This routine repeats itself on and on throughout the year and throughout the holidays. And here is a person who gain about 11-12 kg a year. All this despite eating 70% of it healthy and “clean” food.
That’s why many people fail to lose weight, they (at best) track their calories during the week and then gain it all back (with extra) on weekends.

Well … I have good news for you!

There is still a way to binge without getting fat…

But before, it’s important to understand that when it comes to weight loss, what you eat is not as important as how much you eat. And that’s proven, so when you eat your dinner, it’s different if you’ve come after you’ve already consumed 2000 calories and then you eat another 2500 calories than if you ate only 1000 calories when you arrived for your dinner. So no matter how “clean” you eat, in the end, it comes down to a daily calorie intake.

How do you stop eating too much?

It is not surprising that the main cause of excessive eating in most people comes from extreme diets and very limited food intake.

There is a simple way you can apply to prevent such a situation. A “flexible diet” is a very effective way to control hunger and excessive eating. It allows you to lose body fat while continue enjoying the foods you like.

Out of my sight!
Stop surrounding yourself with foods that are hard to resist.

We as humans tend to underestimate quantities once they become larger.

Research shows that the higher we eat, the less likely we are to evaluate it.

How to feel full with a low calories intake

We tend to eat the same amount of food every day.

What will make us feel full is the amount of food we eat and not the amount of calories it contains. So if you’re trying to lose weight, stay away from high-calorie foods in relation to the small amount. For example: chocolates, snacks, oils, cheeses, fatty meats, etc.

Instead, eat large meals that contain fewer calories such as fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, low-fat meats, etc.

The binge-watching phenomenon

Fact: The more you watch TV, the more you eat, and the more you weigh.

I’ll give you an example,

The final event of the World Cup! You waited for this for so long so you sat down with your friends to watch the game.

And who knows better than you that there is no good game without some snacks. So you started snacking and for 45 minutes without notice, you ate over 500 calories of munchies. And if that’s not enough, you probably also drank beer and ate quite a few more snacks along with it. So it is very important to pay attention when you watch television.

Plan the meals wisely

If you have a problem of eating too much you probably do one of the following:

1. You buy larger amounts of food to save money and time.
2. You eat in large bowls and drink from large glasses.
3. You finish eating and drinking when your glass and plate are completely empty.

4 scientifically proven habits to increase your food intake:

Studies show that people eat 20% to 25% more food than larger, smaller packets in which they eat about 92% of what they serve themselves. When we prepare larger quantities of food, we tend to serve ourselves a higher amount.

So it is important that you use smaller plates/bowls and eat until you stop feeling hungry.

Make foods you like uncomfortable to eat

The harder it is to eat something, the less eaten it is. People who use chopsticks at a buffet will weigh less than those who use cutlery. If people have to go to another line to pay for fast food, they will buy less than that. So for us to eat less of the foods that we like so much, we have to make them hard to eat.

Things like:

Push the cookies to the highest shelf in the house.

Eat snacks in a plate.

Take most chocolates and close them in a suitcase with a lock and throw the lock where it is difficult to reach.

The harder it is to get to the foods you like, the more you will give up the pleasure of eating them.

Pay close attention when you eat outside

Social events are the biggest enemy of people trying to lose weight.

Studies show that people eat about 35% more when they eat with another person. Now, that does not mean you have to be socially detached. You should simply be more aware.

If I eat outside I don’t let others influence me if I plan to eat a cheat meal, I decided it before I left the house. If I know that I ate a lot that day I will not eat some pizza. On the other hand, if most of the day I did not eat much and I have quite a few calories left to eat, be sure that I will eat some.

This is why I strongly recommend intermittent fasting because it gives you the opportunity to eat foods you like. The beauty of it is that during the day you are fasting and when you eat at lunchtime/afternoon 1-2 meals, they make you satiated and thus allow you to eat most of your calories when you are really hungry – at night.

You now know more than 99% of the population about binge eating.

If you implement the strategies I gave you in this article, you can solve the eating problem once and for all.

As long as you really understand the rules of energy balance for your benefit, be careful and avoid overeating, you can continue to enjoy the foods you love without paying the price of fat gain.

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