How to Lose Body Fat

How to Lose Body Fat

For most people, losing body fat is the fastest way to improve their physique, health and energy levels. It all comes down to one simple concept: If you burn more calories than you eat in a day, you lose fat.

To get a ripped physique you need to have two things: decent muscle development and most importantly, a very low body fat percentage. 

Most guys who work out think that gaining a bit more muscle is the key to look better. But actually, decreasing body fat makes a much bigger difference because it reveals the muscle you already have.






What do these statistics mean to you?

To get down to single digit body fat, the average young guy needs to lose about 15% body fat. That means around 25 lbs / 11 kg.

Key Components to Any Fat Loss Journey

#1 Adherence

To lose fat you have to eat less than usual for a few weeks or months. You’re not going to do that unless your plan is easy to follow.  Even if you’re a master of willpower you will crack at some point unless your diet fits your lifestyle, doesn’t take a lot of time, and allows you to eat your favorite foods.


#2 Food Choices

Hunger and cravings are the biggest obstacles on a cut. For that reason eating mostly filling foods is critical. However, you won’t be happy eating just bland meals like rice and chicken. That is when you can include your favorite foods in your diet such as chocolate, ice cream, pizza and so on. As long as you remain in a calorie deficit those foods will not prevent fat loss.


#3 Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting makes cutting very easy to follow. It involves not eating for 14-16 hours a day and eating all your food in an 8-10 hour window. This isn’t as difficult as you’d think. You are asleep for anywhere between 6-10 of those 16 hours (hopefully!), so the only meal you end up skipping is one at either the beginning or the end of the day. We recommend skipping breakfast because almost every social event we attend (weddings, parties, dinner with the family or friends, going to movies, etc) happens in the evening. Moreover, most people get cravings in the evening, not in the morning what makes intermittent fasting the best option for fat loss. 

How does IF help?

  • Better hunger control because of the fasting period
  • You’ll find it harder to overeat later in the day because your eating window is only a few hours long
  • You have more calories to work with for each meal which means more satisfying meals
  • Less time spent preparing and eating food – more productivity
  • You can save enough calories for the evening meal to allow eating out
  • It eliminates the need for cheat-meals. You can make your evening meal so large it feels like a cheat meal. 


#4 Walking

To create a calorie deficit you can either eat less or move more. Why not both?   Walking is the easiest and most convenient way to increase your caloric expenditure. Half an hour of walking every day will burn around 800 calories per week. That means you can either eat a bit more food every day while maintaining the same deficit or have an extra 800 calorie meal on the weekends.  

Compared to other types of cardio walking is very time efficient. You don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t have to change your clothes, and you don’t have to shower right after it. This means you can easily fit 30-60 minutes of walking in your daily schedule. 


#5 Your Self-Image

Picture yourself at the beach this summer. Do you see yourself with your current physique or your goal physique?

If you see yourself with your current physique I can guarantee you won’t get lean. Every time you’ll get a little leaner you’ll allow yourself to slack off and go back to how you see yourself.  

I bet that at this very moment you know how to get in better shape, you know how to do your job better, you know how to be more productive, you know how to have better relationships – but you don’t do it. Why? It’s because of how you see yourself.

Our potential is always limited by our self-image. So in order to get lean and stay lean, we must see ourselves having our goal physique. 

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