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How To Improve Your Shoulder Press!

If you want to build stronger shoulder muscles then you should start doing shoulder presses.

Research shows that it is the most effective exercise you can do to build the front (and also the mid) shoulder muscles and at the same time the triceps and upper back.

Shoulder press muscles

The beauty of complex exercises such as shoulder presses is that they involve several muscles simultaneously.

The main muscles involved are …

The shoulders

The shoulder press trains two heads of the shoulder (front and middle) with an emphasis on the front.

The upper back

The main muscle in the back that works at the shoulder press is the trapezius along with the rhomboids muscles.

Triceps and biceps

Some will say that you will not have to work on your bi’s and tri’s separately if you do a lot of push and push exercises.

I say it depends on your goals.

If you try to add weight to your arms then exercises like deadlift, bench press, shoulder press will help you do that.
If you are just trying to keep your arms the way they are now, then you will be able to keep that without the use of isolated exercises.

The core muscles

One of the challenges in this exercise is the ability to maintain stability while you are lifting the weight.

Dumbells or barbell?

EMG research shows that shoulder press with dumbells can cause greater muscle activation than barbell pressing. But the effect seemed negligible so I would not say it is better than a bar or vice versa. You’ll see great results in both of them and I recommend that you combine them.

So what’s better … standing shoulder barbell press or sitting shoulder barbell press?

If you’ve got the two exercises done, you’ve probably noticed that lifting the weights while standing is harder than sitting. And usually harder = better.

So consider only the following in standing-up presses:

Your RM1 will be lower.
You should be more careful when you are trying to move heavy weights (80% from RM1)

Should I use a Smith machine or free weight?

Studies show that Smith machine is less effective relative to a free weight in bench press and squats.

The reason is simple:

Exercises in Smith and machine exert less muscle fibers than free weights.

Some might say that Smith is safer, but as long as you learn to perform the right technique you should not have a problem.

So you stick to the bar and dumbells.

How to Perform a proper technique

If you work correctly you can significantly improve your strength and muscle mass. But if you work incorrectly and with poor technique, you will increase your chances of getting injured.

So how do you press properly?

Sitting shoulder press:

Place both feet shoulder width with the feet slightly bent out.

Push your heels to the floor to keep your upper back and your buttocks close to the bench.

If it is a bar we’re talking about – do not hold the bar too wide because it will ruin your technique.

Take a deep breath, contract your abs and glutes, lift your chest and lift the bar up.

Bring down the bar to the clavicle line and keep the elbows slightly inward.

There should be a small arch in the lower back but not too much because it can cause injury if you work with heavy weights. If you find yourself arch your back too much, it means that the weight you are trying to lift is too heavy.
Continue lifting the bar up until your elbows are locked.


In conclusion

Your number one goal as a natural is to become stronger and stronger in these base exercises.

Use the tips in this article to maximize your shoulder presses as much as possible.

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