From a WORRIER to a WARRIOR- How to overcome anything and conquer your life

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today I got a chance to speak with Brandon carter.
A fitness entrepreneur Best Selling Author and a Music Producer,
Personally he was one of my best interview so far.
Very humble, kind and intelligent man with such an amazing warrior spirit and character.
Coming from a poor neighborhood,
Dealing with depression and his father’s suicide he managed to step up and grow from it.
Brandon is an example to all of us that events does not shape our destiny , its our decision and communication with ourself.
So im really happy to share this interview with all of you and really believe each one of you can relate to Brandon in one way or another,

Some of the topics brandon and I discussed about were:

1. Growing un (1:50-5:00)
2. How training changed his life (5:00-8:25)
3. Don’t let what you can’t do prevent you do what you can do (8:25-11:08)
4. Dealing with the loss of his father (11:08-17:20)
5. How questions we ask our self can change the meaning we give to something (17:20-21:20)
6. Problems are gifts (21:20-25:00)
7. The importance of having a mentor in your life (25:00-26:00)
8. Can you truly be happy in life? (26:00-31:50)
9. Your circumstances are not align with your preferences (31:50-34:00)
10. Using pain to become stronger and by that solving more problems. (34:00-36:40)
11. The “video game” metaphor (36:40-40:15)
12. Starting a Youtube channel- the vision, the difficulties (40:15-43:13)
13. What is life on your term? (43:13-45:20)
14. What is the next level for you (45:20-49:00)
15. Happiness is unattainable its only contress (49:00-54:00)
16. Use your time wisely (54:00-54:32)
17. Brandon carter legacy (54:32)

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