Lidor Dayan is a twenty-six-year-old Israeli business and life coach and is a man on a mission. Lidor grew up in a small Israeli town, yet always had great goals for his future. Watching his parents struggle for many years in order to provide himself and his sister with their needs, led him hungry to succeed in life as well as prove it’s possible to have everything you wish for with the right mind set. At the very beginning, Lidor found it difficult to pursue his life dream due to inadequate knowledge and self belief, so he proceeded to study from the best in the world, either from his interviews on his podcast, attending to Tony Robbins seminar and using every book/ audiobook/ videos he could, to know everything about psychology, behaviors and how to manage our body and performance better.Today, with his drive and ambition, Lidor is prepared to fight for his ideas and his vision for a better, happier and healthier world. A world that won’t judge or try to change you, rather accept you for who you are (as a person). Reaching people all over the world and create lasting breakthroughs in their life, became Lidor’s lifework. Conveying his life attitude, is now his vocation. ” Fight for your beliefs, and never let anyone take your dreams away out of your hands. You only live once, and living your life right only once- is right enough.” (Lidor Dayan)