5 Hacks for a Healthier (and Happier) Lifestyle


So this is my first blog post. I guess you could say I’m breaking my blogging virginity!

I wanted to make this one something special though, as you only get one chance at a first impression, so my hope is that by reading this, you think I’m a guy who might have something to offer you.

Everything I put on my site is a reflection of me – where I’ve come from, and what I stand for, hence this first post is all about how to bust through the noise, the confusion and the complexity of the fitness industry, and find simple ways to improve your health and your happiness.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the science of training and nutrition, but we all need to start with the basics, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

So here are 5 hacks for a healthier (and happier) life:

1. Eat Foods You Enjoy

We’ve all done the bland, boring, repetitive diets that revolve around a set list of disgusting “health foods.”

And while these diets may bring about short-term weight loss, they make you miserable in the long-run, and how successful will a diet be if you’re forever unhappy on it?

I found that with myself and my clients, by basing our diets around foods we like, we stick to them far better, are happier people to be with, and get results that last.

2. Get Active

Before even thinking about your workout split, frequency, sets, reps, and exercise selection, just try to be more active.

If you currently don’t do anything apart from sitting at your desk all day, then start moving around a little more; go for a walk, play a round of golf, go hiking with your kids or join a local sports team.

3. Embrace the 80:20 Principle

You don’t have to be perfect all the time, and trying to be so will only ever set you up for failure.

If you aim to always eat clean, never break your diet and get to the gym every day, pretty soon you’ll find that something comes up and you’re not able to maintain that, making you feel like a failure.

Instead, be compliant 80% of the time, and have some leeway 20% of the time.

4. Be Calorie-Conscious

I’m a huge fan of counting calories and tracking macronutrients, but to start with, you don’t need to get too in-depth.

If you’re scared by the prospect of weighing and tracking your food, reading labels, and monitoring your intake, just chill out. Don’t log anything or make any calculations just yet – start by examining the foods you currently eat, and seeing how many calories they contain.

Some of those healthy snacks and meals you have might surprise you with how many calories they contain.

5. Do Something Fun Every Day

You’ll get better results if you smile.

So before you do anything else each morning, plan something fun for YOU to do. No matter what else you have going on, make some time for number one.

It’s Simple …

Nutrition and training can get seriously complex, but there’s no reason it needs to be a real challenge. Start with these 5 hacks and I guarantee you’ll start seeing results immediately.

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