5 ways to know if your Fitness Guru is a waste of time

5 ways to know if your Fitness Guru is a waste of time

Finding a good coach these days is becoming increasingly difficult. Every year and year hundreds of thousands of new coaches are added throughout the country and in the world that you do not know who to believe.

Everyone declares that they have “the best method for a six pack.”

Some will tell you that you should eat only “clean” food.

While others will tell you that you can eat junk and still see your abs

Some will tell you that you need to focus on high repetition and do “Pump” training while others say you must focus on heavy strength training.

Some say you should eat every few hours while others claim that your meal time is not relevant at all.

Some say you need a high-protein diet while others say it’s not that important.

Some say genetics plays an important role while others say it does not matter at all.

So who should you believe for crying out loud?!?!

I was very confused in the past, I believed on the one hand to people who speak the truth and on the other to people who do not really understand something about nutrition and training.

So how can you identify if he’s an excellent fitness guru or a scammer?

If it’s a coach who says he has a “revolutionary diet” or a “special training program,” he’s probably a scammer.

Anyone who declares “shortcuts” to be muscular and bigger probably lies to you. If they say that their “discovery” is going to change the entire field of fitness they probably lie. We as human beings will always be interested in “the next thing” or when someone goes against what we all know. This is an excellent marketing strategy but not when it comes at our expense.

And it is very easy to identify them:

A. They will tell you that traditional training programs to build muscle/burn fat do not work well.
B. They will give you strange “tips and tricks” that will help you build muscle and get better.
C. They will ensure quick and easy results.
The truth is that there is no magic pill or shortcuts, except steroids of course. When it comes to dieting, it all comes down to the energy balance and macronutrients. Carbohydrate manipulation, meal timing, meals and food choices are less important for weight loss/weight gain.

When it comes to training, it all comes down to the volume and intensity of the workout, the choice of the exercises and the increasing of the loads. Proper training is much easier than you think. Lift weights, train each muscle for 5-7 days, focus on compound movements and make sure you’re increasing the load over time.

If your Fitness Guru does not know how to demonstrate a good scientific understanding of the subject, it probably misleads you.

Are the following statements familiar to you?

“Bad carbohydrates will make you fat.
Weight loss requires “clean eating” which means you must limit yourself to all foods.
You need to eat a ridiculous amount of protein every day to build muscle.
You will lose muscle if you do not eat protein every few hours.
If you eat a few meals a day it will disrupt your metabolism and cause your body to go into “starvation.”
Eating at night will result in fat retention.
You probably heard at least 1-2 of these comments from magazines, bloggers, gym friends, coaches, etc. So all those who told you that – lie or simply do not realize that this is not true.

How do I know? Because I researched it and saw about myself and the many clients I worked with.

I also thought that these myths were true in the past, and I learned it myself.

So if I want to know something, to learn something, I’ll always find something scientific behind it.


If some kind of Fitness Guru does not show you proofs / scientific studies of what he says, be careful. The chances are pretty good that his claims are false.
If what he says is brought with scientific information but without a source, it’s a little better but I would still worry. You will always want to see the research itself.
If scientific quotes are included inside, this is a good sign. Although you will always want to see the studies yourself.
Most of the research done around the world can be found at PUBMED or DEEPDYVE.

If your fitness guru does not have good success stories, there’s probably a reason

Just because someone is in an excellent shape that does not mean he can get someone else to get to that result.

Quite a few people came to me after being directed by people who told them to eat “baby meals”, a very low amount of carbohydrate and a caloric amount that doesn’t suit them, which makes them very skeptical of coaches and makes them think that in order to lose weight and weight they should suffer. A good coach will put you in an excellent shape while you eat foods you like, never feel starved, and train between 4-6 hours a week.

And there are quite a few good coaches out there, you just have to know them correctly and not go blindfolded to anyone just because of the look or what he tells you.

Another thing to know is whether “before-after” images are really real. Use reverse image search in the image and see if it was seen elsewhere. Some are for sale on social networks.

If the Fitness Guru does not really look like what he’s talking about, you probably do not want to listen to him

If the coaches you see are not really fit, you should ignore them. If they are not really strong, shredded and muscular, it is very likely they will not really be able to help you either. They may understand and know what to do but they are simply too lazy to do it themselves, or it does not really matter to them. In most cases, with all due respect, these fat-skinny people have no place to advise you or anyone else on how to get into shape if they do not have the self-discipline to practice for themselves how can they make someone else develop this self-discipline?

If your Fitness Guru looks TOO EXTREME, he probably takes steroids, and it changes everything.

It may sound a little cynical but a high percentage of most people who live from their physical appearance on steroids.

This includes fitness models, competitors, YouTubes and social networking stars, as well as bloggers and writers.

All, of course, claim to be “natural” and it makes many people believe that only those who look like MONSTERS (competitive bodybuilders, for example) are those who take steroids. Which is far from the truth.

The large ripped, professional bodybuilders achieve their physique by years of years of hard training with massive amounts of steroids that made them reach the amount of muscle they have today.

On the other hand, we have the ones that are not so big but still very impressive that they claim to be natural, most of them also use substances only in different combinations and dosages, and when they do it gives them the look most men would kill for.

Big, muscular, ripped and shredded to the bone.
Very low body fat (4-5%)
Although I would like that look to be possible without juicing, but it simply impossible. end of story.

Here are a few points that can help you identify someone who is taking steroids:

A person who is crazy big.
A person with an amazing body and constantly claims how natural he is – takes steroids.
A person with an amazing body that trains two hours and doing his sets in high repetition – taking steroids. This type of training does not work on us naturals .
A person with an amazing body and never seems to exceed 10% body fat, even when he is in “off season” (trying to build muscle mass on a high caloric diet), no matter what he says – takes steroids.
A person with an amazing body that competes professionally, even in the “natural” category – taking steroids.
It is important to note that every person is allowed to do what he wants in his life and with his body and I do not judge or criticize anyone.
These people will train and eat far beyond what your body capable of. If you follow their training, you are likely to find yourself obese and over-trained.

Now, that does not mean that all people who take steroids give bad advice. There are people among them who understand the difference between a natural and enhance. Just make sure you are always ready and you know what to ask.

To what extent do certificates really affect?

Even if you have a trainer certification and you are certified on behalf of X or Y, that doesn’t really matter to me. If you manage to memorize a number of things to pass a test, you can become a certified fitness trainer. And yet we continue to see all the idiotic things that trainers do to their trainees. Do not get me wrong, I’m all about education, degrees, and I respect those who go and invest their time and money and work for these degrees for years, but still, this is not the most important parameter in a coach. There are a lot of fitness gurus with academic degrees who are not fit at all, who do not really have success with customers, and are not really trying to learn and improve from day to day.

In conclusion

The next time you think about listening to another “Fitness Guru” make sure you pay attention to the things listed in this article to really understand whether it is worth listening to him or is just a waste of time.

What do you think about the article:

“5 ways to know if your Fitness Guru is a waste of time?”

Do you have anything else you’d like to add or ask?

I’d love to know, in the comments section below.

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